Waiting for my sub to be created

So, I’m new here. Well my account is, but I’ve been reading topics here and replies and my boyfriend messaged the owner and posted here about getting me a customized subliminal. If it’s for the benefit of both of us user and creator, I believe his request should have been responded to as soon as possible. Thank you for the good work. I hope we’ll both receive a good customer service.


:heart: حبيبتي

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you can tag a mod… maybe @RVconsultant can help you out.

Don’t PM saint or make posts here to get questions answered. Best thing to do will be submit a support ticket.

Maybe you already had, but just checking!

A customize subliminal will have one person’s name in it, so please design it for one of you.

What is it that you would like help with?

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That’s part of what we were wondering, yes. Since I have licensed modules on my account, can I use those licensed modules to create her subliminal? Else, do I need to create an account for her and buy it through that?

I was planning to go ahead and ask some more questions once I can sign in to my account again. At this point I don’t even know what my own subliminals actually contain. So one thing at a time!

Thanks for notifying staff @RVconsultant.

Yes, we did. We felt that our ticket and messages must have been missed. It’s okay. The conversation with Saint was one which he initiated, so I was just following up on the same topic. All good now! Thanks.


When you are ready, just post the list of modules you want to get, as well as your objectives and plans for that you want the subliminal to help you with.

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The problem for me was that I can’t access my account at all to actually check what my already finalized customs contain, I’ve not received any receipt or order confirmations, either. I’ll take it in the ticket from here. Thanks for clarifying, I’ll make her an account then. :slight_smile:

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PM me your email address. And please check your spam folder for any notifications.

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I couldn’t send you a PM due to my trust level but wrote a reply on our pre-existing one. :slight_smile:

That works. I’m looking into your issue.