Vote for the next subliminal


Hey guys.

We would like you to take a small peek into what’s being developed behind the scenes and vote for what sounds most interesting to you.

The one that gets the most votes, will be bumped to the forefront of development, right after Limitless. All of them will be based on the newest PrimalTech level.

Vote away.

  • Sex/attraction subliminal
  • Emotional healing subliminal
  • Spiritual subliminal
  • Lottery subliminal
  • Stock Market subliminal
  • Physical improvement subliminal

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I added vote to lottery, but what I actually mean is - luck. Becoming lucky in life. Starting from finding money to winning prizes. Would be cool to be more attracted to that.

I have a friend who always finds original things on half or less of the original price. That would be a part of it.


I think emotional healing or physical improvement are probably the most useful, even if emotional healing isn’t particularly glamorous. They both get at shoring up the foundation that everything else gets built upon. I see a lottery subliminal as frivolous.

It would be useful, I think, to be able to give a ranking to the various options rather than just voting for one.

My ranking would be:

1 Physical Improvement
2 Emotional Healing
3 Sex/Attraction
4 Spiritual
5 Stock Market
6 Lottery

In actuality I would say Physical Improvement and Emotional Healing would be pretty much tied for first for me, with Sex/Attraction being the other title with major interest for me. Spirituality could also be interesting depending on the approach taken.

Stock Market and Lottery and anything “luck” oriented seem pointless and I would not buy them. I would hope these would be a low priority and only to be completed once other more substantive themes were addressed. I would rather focus on foundations and skills. It would seem to me that Mogul should be able to assist in developing the skills and mindset required to master the stock market.

Also, I was thinking “Primal” was next. Has that gone on the back burner?


I actually really needed this comment, because I never explained what I mean.

I wholehartedly feel that being lucky is so underestimated between people, it’s not even funny. :slight_smile:

Your brain rewards you with so many amazing hormones once you start winning. For men testosterone levels come up. Getting new things rewards you with hella amount of dopamine. You start feeling good about yourself, because you’re lucky. You start feeling really worthy.

And there’s so much more… biology facilitates easier change when you’re lucky. Success really effects brain chemistry.

A lot of emotional issues are based on lack of good hormone levels, because there are no external factors that support it. This cures it.

P.S. Don’t you think there are too many unlucky people who are healing for their whole lives and miss on the real fun stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


I get what you are saying. I figure people start winning because they have a foundation in place, and clarity and skills. They then can build from there with good judgement.

If you mostly have luck going for you but not those other elements in place you are likely to not consolidate your gains and squander them, unless, I suppose, your luck never runs out.


Primal is the sex/attraction subliminal in question.


I think it could be interesting to combine Sex Mastery, Sex and Seduction and Primal into a single title. Something like what Emperor is to masculinity and achievement this title would be to sex. A “Sex Emperor” of sorts.

I’d love to run a title like that alongside Emperor and feel like there wasn’t really much missing in what was being encouraged by the scripts in the subliminals.


I’m personally waiting for Primal. Very eager to test Inner game version from Subliminal Club.

This would be logical sequel to Sex & Seduction. Next is Emotional Healing.

Other themes are not so interesting for me, at least right now.

Excellent idea to finish Primal stand-alone and then create combos: Sex Mastery & Sex & Seduction & Primal in one powerful sub.

…and then all in one: Emperor, Sex Seduction, Primal all at once!


I guess I had been expecting that Primal was next and was fine with that. I was bit surprised to see that what was to be next was to be put up for a vote. I will admit that I am not too excited by the possibility that the next title could be voted to be a “luck” subliminal.


I keep thinking about the ancient Greek dictum:

“Healthy mind in a healthy body.”

This is a fundamental foundation from which to build. Achieving this state first would give one the strength and resiliency to reconcile, strive and endure.


I voted sex/attraction even though we have S&S there is always room for a more powerful better sub when it comes to attracting women. I’m just wondering how a lottery sub would work?


What comes next matters little to me right now because I’m dedicating the next 8-12 months to Emperor and Limitless, but could you please give a little more detail on what the Spiritual subliminal does?

And is the Physical Improvement subliminal for weight loss? Muscle building? Athletic ability? Something else?

Those are potentially the two that would interest me the most, but I’d like to better understand what they do.


No worries. From current results, I was the only one voting for it.

Anyway, we don’t really know what exactly all of them, except Sex/Attraction, mean anyway. :slight_smile: Plus, I am on Emperor anyway and interested in business side.


11-04-18 @ 5:55 PM:
I also voted for the Sex/Attraction subliminal with the PrimalTech format to be next, as S&S isn’t doing anything for me, and from what I remember reading Primal was next on the list. S&S should also be upgraded in PrimalTech.


I’m split between sex/ attraction and physical improvement. Could you please elaborate a little bit more on physical improvents, because I find it very vague?


We wanted to involve the community a little more and show you guys what to expect in the near future. :slight_smile:

Also, even if it is voted over, it’s not a bad thing - it will receive any upgrades that might have been made through the development of other subliminals.


Increase your chances of winning a lottery and any other games of chance, though it won’t be guaranteed. Might as well look into developing further the luck module, since you guys seem interested in that one specifically.

Helps you out with attaining your spiritual goals, no matter your beliefs or methods - be it yoga, meditation, mysticism, or even religious related disciplines, so to say.

All of those, as well as physical beautifying and general functioning.

Can’t tell you guys all of it just yet though. :wink:

Big things are in the works - we want to make Sub Clubbers the greatest, biggest and baddest guys out there, in all areas.


Come on, man, are you guys reading minds or something? :astonished: I’m a practicing occultist who’s been wishing for years that someone would make a subliminal that could help me as I try learning and applying methods in books that have been really challenging for me, like Frank Rudolph Young’s work. I even thought about commissioning a custom sub for that purpose but didn’t think that anyone would be willing to make one. This is extremely exciting for me because advancing my spiritual practices is one of the goals on my vision board.


I;m wondering what exactly is physical improvement?

Testosterone produciton
Estrogen reduction
natural strength
Fat loss
Skin improvement

So many options in that


I would give an arm and a leg for a pure “your imagination creates reality” or a “dimensional jumping” or a “quantum jumping” type of subliminal. Probably I can go to another reality where I have my arm and leg!