Vote for MY next subliminal


I want to beef up my stack with one more title but can’t decide. Currently I’m running:

  • AlchemyQ st4 (been running for a month)
  • MogulQ (just started but have ran it before and have been running Emperor which contains Mogul)
  • EmperorQ (been running Emperor awhile now, always the latest update)
  • StarkQ: terminus (been running Stark since release)
  • Inner circle Q (just started)

I own Limitless so the upside is not having to buy anything and it’s less dense. QLQ is obviously more powerful but also more dense/longer program. Finally, PCC because I’m going to start focusing on a lot of entrepreneurial tasks, I was thinking it would be good to bind with inner circle, to spot out those who could help or sabotage me.

  • Limitless Q
  • Quantum Limitless Q
  • PCC

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You are already running enough no offense lol. but last thing you want to do is overload your mind. stark and emperor are basically multistage subs in a single sub


The way I see it, now that that less is more with Q, I have room for one more title. Limitless would overlap/enhance Mog, Emp and Stark because they all contain versions of it. Adding it would only amplify what’s already there. QLQ would be the hardest to adapt in as the densest option and is totally foreign but it would, in theory, also yield the greater end result. PCC is a totally new addition but can be used as a stack module and is lighter than QLQ (so in terms of ease of integration it is in between the other two).


I have voted LimitlessQ, but my real recommendation would be to add a fitting Stack Module.
For example, RebirthQ has been a game changer for my stack’s effectiveness.



Simon, would you mind elaborating on how RebirthQ affected you? I downloaded and ran it days ago, but I know I was a little overloaded that day, so results were not obvious to me.

More specifically, it was the first SC healing/reframing sub, and it was a little heavy (my experience). What’s different in Q?


You really want to add more?

The “less is more” thing means you have to listen less to a sub to get the same amount of information loaded into your head. That does not mean you now have room to add more subs. Too much information is still too much information, even if it takes less time.

In fact, you might even reduce the stack a bit, feel out the subs one by one before stacking them back up. Considering with Q the results tend to happen during the breaks in between listening.

But you’ve been around long enough to know what you’re doing, so if I have to vote, I’d go for PCC, it supports most (if not all) subs in your stack. Plus, I just like it. :slight_smile:


WHOOPS forgot to close the poll. Yes after listening to people’s suggestions and following a bit of my own intuition I made a few alterations to my stack. Now it’s:

Alchq st 4
Inner Circle Q

A little lighter and more balanced this way