VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T

My 3 favorites subs ever are Alchemist, Sex Mastery and Stark. Basically cause my goals are spiritual development, manifestation of my life purpose and great sex. I see money as something that easily comes by doing what Im good at.

So there you have my 3 Core Modules:

-Alchemist ST4 (Spiritual Development)
-Sex Mastery (Amazing Sex)
-Stark (MMM, Masculinity, Magnetism, Money)

The other modules I divided them in 3 categories
Healing ( dissolve trauma and limitations)
Aura (strong projection of my energy field)
Manifestation (quicker results)

In healing I have the most modules so I can have the best base possible.


-Ares (remove guilt, shame and fear)
-Attachment Destroyer (remove toxic people and situations)
-Blue skies (self love)
-New beginnings (heal deep fears and unconscious beliefs)
-Negative energy transmutation ( I do a lot of energy healing and Ive been attacked with dark arts, extra protection)
-Gratitude (one of the strongest most healing energies to have)

Auras (Increasing Magnetism) :

-Energetic development (stronger energetic field)
-Direct influencing ( energetically influencing people)
-Earthshaker (sexual aura)
-Iron frame (frame control)
-Aura of Craving (generate desire towards me)


-Yggdrasil (quicker manifestation and choices)
-Intuition Enhancer (well thats self explanatory)
-Current Invoker (conscious directed manifestation)
-Divine will (True Will, quicker manifestation)

Im currently listening to my new custom Purple Haze Q Terminus with Minds Eye T². Since July 20.


Im currently in my second loop of the first day, I plan to listen 1 loop early in the morning, as soon as I wake up and 1 loop when I go to bed.
For now I can say that I feel joy while listening to the sub and its been a really peaceful day.

For the last months I was alternating in my playlist between AlchemistQ st4, StarkQ and Sex MasteryQ.
So It just makes perfect sense for me to put those 3 cores into 1 sub and save a lot of time.
I chose the modules mainly because I want to heal as deep as I can, develop my energetic system and project a strong aura of seduction in a broader sense than just sexual seduction, in a highly magnetic and charismatic type of personality.

It was fun building the custom sub, it took me back to the days playing Diablo 1, 2 and 3. Where you had to pick a character like the sorcerer and think about the future, what kind of character you wanted to build and for what purpose, then choose well where to put your points in the different skill trees.
You had the fire skills, lightning and ice. You had passive protective auras and active attack spells.

It was really cool to think about myself as a character from Diablo, travel to the future in my mind to decide where I wanted to be, and choose the modules that would serve the most for that purpose.
Now I have my auras of protection, my attack spells and Im ready to slay the demons.


Very interesting that you mentioned the idea of building your character in a video game, it reminded me of something Saint mentioned a long time ago.


Well we are truly bending reality!! Thanks for sharing that link :sunglasses::+1:

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Looks good. I’m going to build a second one soon that will be for healing. I agree with the clearing, cleansing and refining.


I can imagine how powerful that will be, adding Regeneration core, rebirth and a couple other tweaks.
Good luck with that!!

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Thank you. I’m in it for the long haul.


@anon2351792 - love the game character comparison. Diablo 2 was (and is still) my favorite PC game. Along with any of the Real Time Strategy games made by Blizzard. But yeah, there is something very exciting about choosing your skills, weapons, armour, etc in an RPG game and since Life is a game, arming ourselves with subliminals that suit our desires is the perfect leveling up! More Points to you.


You can also see yourself as paying more to unlock advanced areas with the custom sub.

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Diablo 2 is my favorite game by far, and whats more interesting is how young we are when archetypes begin to express. Both my brothers always chose characters and games aligned with the warrior archetype, me on the other hand always chose characters aligned with the magician archetype.


@anon2351792 - for me it was mostly The Barbarian. I so wanted to be built like that I guess lol. I also enjoyed playing as The Paladin and The Druid.


I started my custon sub yesterday morning, after comming out of the heaviest reconciliation ever, it lasted from sunday to tuesday, provoked by starkq and alchemistq st4. Such a strong headache that I almost fall into total desperation.

So part of me is a little afraid of the kind of reconciliation this heavily healing based custom sub can produce. Im starting slow and gradually increasing exposure.


Yeah both my brothers loved their barbarians, and paladins, and they love to lift weights and going to the gym.
Me I always chose the sorcerer and totally dislike gyms, I prefer yoga and meditation :joy:


I took a dare this morning effortlessly, I did something I was wanting to do for months and I was resenting myself for not doing it because I was ashamed.
It felt good and so natural, its awesome.
Even though I cant exactly know this for sure, I feel it was Ares and Iron frame at work.

Saying “I took a Dare” is putting it mildly, it was one after the other, building into the next one.

Curious to know how a name-embedded Sex Mastery works differently than what is sold in the store. I wanted to add it but I couldn’t justify the spot at the moment, I may get it with my next upgrade.

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For now what can I say about Sex Mastery… How do you make something awesome even better? You name embedded it!
Im not going into details but the first test was really good.
The thing is results seems to come naturally I wasnt even aware that I was “testing” Sex Mastery when having sex, I just became aware of the differences when I read your post.


As to sex mastery. There is a definite advantage to having that one as a non name embedded stand alone. I’ve been playing it during with the wife, and it works on both of us. Really well.


Well I have the non name embedded version too and with my girlfriend we have been using it for more than 6 months. It does work really well in both of us too.
Sex Mastery is one of those subs you just gotta have.


Yesterday was an special day, there was a family crisis (my mother, father and brothers), involving all the stressors from the confinement, job, money, fear, anger and old unresolved stuff.

Add to that the fact that I have to leave the apparment in wich I live because the owner wants it back, and we cant go see other places cause of confinement, we had to involve lawyers.

A little more than a year ago Ive experienced a crisis that was way smaller than whats been happening lately and I ended up very sick. Now on the other hand Im experiencing a sense of inner calmness and yesterday I realized that we have this family issue that everyone has been avoiding to deal with due to fear, and we had a meeting with my brothers we all decided to deal with it and made a plan.

Im amazed at how calmed and resolved I am during what could easily be consider one of the most challenging times ever.
This custom sub has connected me with an inner strenght and self trust I didnt even new I had.


Already in day 5!
Yesterday I added a third loop of my custom sub, wich is the only one Im listening for now. For the last several months all my sub usage has been ultrasonic, but since I recieved the custom Im listening to the masked version, 1 in the morning before being completely awake and 1 at night before sleeping.
I added the third loop around midday in ultrasonic.
Tomorrow its rest day.

Last night I began to feel a little down and angry and I woke up feeling the same way, its like I wanna be left alone. Now that I write about it i feel that its really sadness.
Well maybe its time for some changework.

**Yesterday morning I had sex and it was great, but what really grabbed my attention its that afterwards my crown chakra felt open and expanded for a couple of hours. A tingling sensation on the top of my head and the feeling of a fire burning there.