Volume of ultrasonic within Ultima


I have noticed that ultrasonic is almost non existent in Ultima tracks when listening to the waterfall at a comfortable level. It is way beyond the often recommended -60db threshold for ultrasonic. It barely reaches the -90db when listening to the waterfall at an already higher volume (above comfortable volume).

I have attached a screenshot how it looks for me when listening to Ultima (Beyond Limitless) at an higher than comfortable level.


Interesting i listened to super high volume to libertine ultima and felt way more. Tried with frequensee. And 20 k don’t go up at all


What volume as a percentage…
And what u mean felt way more?


one above half, with headphones. I feel more sexual energy going through the body.


Yasssses so loud
Im sure i will get a headache like that


@SaintSovereign Did say that he lowered the volume, but maybe he lowered it by too much?