Volume masked headphones


Hi People…
What volume should we listen to masked on headphones…a rough estimate would be fine .


Is 50% too high?iuse Google music


I’d say whatever feels comfortable should be ok. You have to be more careful with ultrasonic, but with masked as long as you hear it but doesn’t hurt you should be ok


I get a headache after one loop so I assume volume too high


Couldn’t give you a percentage because not all headphones are equal. I use two different ones and I need to do ~50% on ones and less than 10% on the others


@pacman Go with whatever is comfortable and dont overthink it


As long as you can hear the water, you will be fine. Experiment to see what’s most comfortable for you.


Agreed. Do what feels comfortable. I know Saint mentioned several times he sometimes listens to it in the background while listening to other things, where you can only faintly hear it.

I myself still believe that you need a little bit of volume so your mind can at least make out the voice in the sounds. I listen to it at about the volume of a heavy rainfall with my window open, where you can hear it on the streets and cars.

Music and TV then goes a little bit louder, but where I can still hear the masked track well enough.

Obviously nothing too loud, that would be bad for the ears.

I also do a loop at night at a lower level to make sure I don’t have difficulty sleeping. But at night there is no other sound so it’s okay.


So maybe the high volume was causing the headache


I have noise canceling ones and Aegis I gotta listen at 10-20% bc it’s loud. Most others at 20-40% depending on whether my AC is on and whether I’m listening to music at the same time. My custom is a little louder than StarkQ T.

As above I listen to at 60%+ for the music to be at a nice level.


so you are listening masked on speakers and not headphones? have you compared it in effectiveness?


Woke up this morning feeling really fresh …so I can conclude that volume of about 40% works well for me on headphones masked …no headaches or head pressure etc…


No, I listen with headphones almost always. Saint uses speakers if I’m not mistaken. I think it’s quite difficult to compare. If anything, the results would be negligible.


is there a reason why u are using masked and not ultra sonic? I guess masked is more effective for you?


Can I use ultrasonic on head phones?


I think so. I used to listen to ultras exclusively because in theory they are clearer and easier to hear. But at some point I switched to masked as an experiment and stayed there.

I realize that sometimes the sound of other things may overwhelm the masked track, but I accept that.

Still playing with the idea of merging them together, having masked and ultrasonic both.

Only if you are very careful and measure often how loud you are playing them. When I did it, I used an audio player with its own volume setting and a visualizer that showed me the exact dB output of the ultras.

Because most people don’t do a lot of re-checking, SubClub does not recommend it. Too risky.

I was already answering you. :slight_smile:


I use Google music which has 15 sound levels can I use 1 ?


No idea, I only played ultras on a PC, where I have absolute control and can’t accidentally press a volume button or have apps take control of my volume settings.

And you would still have to measure the output. 1 for you may not be 1 for somebody else.


How would I measure via a headphone?any apps u suggest


I can play it on the headphone and use freequensee to test near the earbud