Vivek Arora - My Subliminal Journey


When Dragon Reborn was released, I was very excited to see myself convert into a dragon!

I started listening to ultrasonic mp3, all the time during day time.
I just played it in the background and forgot about it.

I was listening to it everyday, in between took a break over weekends, or somedays I just forgot to play it.
That’s good as I went through the new instructional manual today, which says to listen for 5 days and take 2 days break.

Today it’s 26th December and I have been on Dragon Reborn’s - Stage 1 for almost 38 days now.

I noticed I have reduced my weight, I am not that motivated for workout.

I am not noticing any effects yet…

Should I keep listening to Stage 1 or start with Stage 2 now ?

Also, I am planning to stack it with Primal Seduction: Iron Throne ULTIMA and Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA – Get Better at Sex Subliminal.

Is it advised to listen to 2 ultima stacks as boosters ?
Otherwise I will stick with Primal Seduction: Iron Throne Ultima.

Experienced people please guide.


You can listen to stage 2 if your instinct tells you to move onto stage 2. There’s no right time for us to tell you when to do it.

I moved into Stage 2 because it felt right to do it. No rush or anything like that.

In regards to the Ultimas, reread the instruction manual and it’ll tell you.

If DR is the only major you’ll be using you can use one of the Ultimas as a booster and one as a major or both as a booster.

However you can also experiment how you wish.

In regards to playing it all day, some people do set and forget but you don’t need to do that. You can play 1-2 loops onwards up to 4-6 is probably the ‘safest’ recommendation. If you’re more experienced though you can experiment again however you wish and see what works.

I always try the recommendations first and then experiment to see my own limits.


Also remember that the more you add to the program, the longer you need to run it.


Your invitation…

The Anthem

Dragon up so you can Dragon on!


I would encourage you to focus on DR first and foremost. It seems to boost other subliminals.

I’d also encourage you to prioritize which subliminals and Ultimas you want to play.

Have you read the updated manual and support articles?


Thanks @RVconsultant,

So, by focusing on DR first and foremost, do you mean I must have only DR and not to stack it with Ultima?

I read the manual, there is a lot of information inside, overwhelming right now!

Please correct me if am wrong.

We have below mentioned strengths:

  1. Q - Play them 2 - 6 hrs a day and then take 2 days break.
  2. Terminus - They contain twice information of Q. More information doesn’t means faster results. It’s for people who have been listening to one particular sub for period of at least 6 months. So, must avoid them.
  3. Terminus Squared - We don’t need them, avoid.
  4. Ultima - Ultima’s are boosters, they show effect in one loop a day.

So, now question is which version is in DR. They are normal MP3’s (Ultrasonic and Masked) ? I don’t see tham to be Q, Terminus, Terminus Square. They are not Ultima for sure. (This is not there in the instruction manual)

After taking two days of break from stage 1, I am now starting with Stage 2. Will have a loop of 4-6 loops only (correct me if am wrong).

Why don’t we have ultrasonic for Ultimas ? Masked version - means will have to listen to them on headphones, that means have to spare out 1 hour everyday in order to listen. Ultrasonic can be played in background and we continue doing our work.

I was thinking of adding in Primal Seduction Iron Throne Ultima…

Please guide, so I can use them better way…

All major titles sold in the store are standard Q. The only way to get it in T or T squared is to get it as part of a custom.

Thanks! T is not recommended in the instructional manual.

Move this Journal to the Major Programs section.
Quintessence is for Custom subs.

Stage 6?


Typo…Stage 2 sorry!! lol!!

Ultimas contain both a Masked and an Ultrasonic track. They’re hybrid files.
You don’t have to use headphones. You can play them on speakers, in the background, like any Masked file.

There is no silent version of Ultimas, yes.

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Yes the manual does have a lot of information.

Q might be best to start with. I was listening to Terminus Squared for 2 to 4 months and they worked great until recently. So right now, I’d encourage you to stay with Q. Some people can run Terminus Squared just fine. Q is known to be effective.

The ones in the main shop are Q version. They are in MP3 format. I prefer the Masked. The Ultrasonics just make me feel weird.

Ultimas have ultrasonics in them. Either high quality headphones or high quality speakers.

Number of loops is individual. 1 loop for me works great. Others will listen to 4 or 6 or 10 or 12 loops.

Now about focusing. Let’s suppose you were going to listen to DR and PSIT Ultima, and focus on DR:

To focus on DR, here is something you could do

Monday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Tuesday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Wednesday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Thursday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Friday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Now that is 1 example. The idea is to pick ONE to focus on, and listen to that one the most. Another possible listening schedule could be:

Monday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

DR is still the one listened to most. So it is focused on.

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“Monday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Tuesday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Wednesday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Thursday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Friday: 2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest”

This sounds good. I am already on 3rd loop of DR stage 2. After this I will do PSIT.
Will restrict it to 2 loops from tomorrow and add in PSIT Ultima. :slight_smile:

Masked versions make a lot of noise, I have bought the volume down to 15%.

Is that okay ?

2 loops might be great for you. If 3 loops has been getting you the results you want, you could stay with that. My example of 2 loops per day was just an example.




Want to add your input here about loops?

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I only use masked. I play it so I can hear the trickling stream easily. I avoid playing it loud.

If you can clearly hear it at 15%, that should work.

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Yes the trickling stream is clearly audible on my Bose speakers.

Reporting day 2:

I listened to DR stage 2, two loops.
And one loop of PSIT.

Didn’t notice anything with DR. But in the evening I noticed, I had better concentration while meditating.
I meditated for longer and was much better.

While I PSIT was on, I was all alone in house. I was relaxing on chair.
And suddenly I started to get erection without any reason.

I had urge to watch porn, but I didn’t.
It subsidized after the MP3 was over, and I took small nap.
Incredible, this effect started somewhere around 25-30 minutes of listening to PSIT.

I feel I must add in Beast as well. One loop, because I want to become a beast dragon!!

2 loops of DR, 1 loop PSIT Ultima & 1 loop Beast.

Will this work ?

This one :

Please let me know.

In my opinion no one can give you a definitive answer to this.
It might work for you, but not for me. Or the other way around.

Regarding the loops, it’s the same. I’ve chosen to bulldoze through all the obstacles in a simple one track way. Might not work for you.

Might actually kick you in the nuts with worst possible recon.

There is one key aspect I haven’t mentioned anywhere else about my journey. Mainly because I’ve just realized it last week.

In the beginning (Pre EoG) I just jumped from one sub to another without any results. I’m not sensitive to these at all.

When EoG came out, I did not feel anything either. But then I just decided to assume that it works for me.

I kept running through all the stages without noticing anything internally. Then at some point I looked back and noticed that I have had to change. No other way to explain the results.

Same with EmperorQ Experimental I kept running for several months. Can’t even remember because I was not counting or paying attention to it. I just assumed it is working for me. And it did.

Now I’m running Dragon Reborn, set & forget method. Single title only, currently on St2. And I still don’t feel anything. But due to the past experience I have with SubClub, I’m 100% confident it works.

I’m going to go through DR stages 1-3 minimum 30 days each. With St4 I’m still undecided how long I’m going to use it single stack. I plan to switch to double stack at some point and keep DR St4 in it. Just ad maybe some other Multistage, or possibly a custom.

Most likely won’t feel anything with that either :smiley:. Just going to enjoy the results.

@JCast @subliminalguy @Voytek @RVconsultant @Brandon


Thanks for the reply and the tag @Hoppa !


Read Hoppa’s quote above. Please keep that in mind.


You have to find out what you sweet spot is.
Everyone is different.

Start off with lower loops and then increase as you see fit and see still results.

@Hoppa is possibly a rare breed that can do more loops and see more results. @Voytek, @Freedom and @JCast are also part of this breed.

I’m currently experimenting with more loops and it seems to still be working.

In regards to loops, I follow the manual in the news section but I also follow Is idea:

Take your time and build up.
Funny thing about Dragon Reborn however is that after a while it seems like people can take in the higher loops with no recon.