Visual Arts Module

I am wondering who might be interested in a module for visual artists and doing things like painting, drawing, designing, filmmaking, etc.

It seems like it would be fairly popular and would make a nice set with the modules devoted to writing and music production.



I would be for a module of this. Illustration, Drawing, Painting,design, in one Module
Photography, Camera work, and film-making in another perhaps. Or if they could all fit together that be great too.


I would love a Visual Arts module as I have a deep love for cinematic-style photography.

Perhaps it would be a good stack with Mind’s Eye and Lucid Dreaming X.

Photography would likely be popular, with drawing/sketching next in line.

We’re already including in it module pack #2, but everyone’s ideas will be helpful.


Can you please roughly share when this is coming? :slight_smile: :sunny:

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This is a concept I have been thinking of that is related to this.

Once Q-Squared and his siblings start complaining that they are bored from inactivity. :wink:

So for the collectors among us, we already have the writer module, now this one. Did we have a film-making one yet? It’s the Ultimate Artist Multi-Stage collection, one module with every Happy Meal. Collect them all! :slight_smile:

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I hope they don’t forget my request for a collectibles module.,

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This, at the moment, is my most eagerly awaited upcoming module.

I am waiting on this to create my next custom, which will incorporate Ultimate Visual Artist along with Ultimate Writer.

I know, for myself, I would like this to contain scripting for traditional visual arts like drawing and painting. These are still very compelling artforms, even with the rise of digital.

Let me make it clear here, that I am not saying I think it should be limited to only the traditional art forms, just that I would definitely like to see them included.

I am itching to put together my new custom with this, ultimate writer and ultimate music producer incorporated.