Video games/movies etc. while listening to subs

I’m sure this has been answered here before, but is it fine to play video games/watch movies etc. while listening to subs? Or is it better to relax and do nothing but listen to the loop(s)?

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Is it fine? Yes.

But is it better to relax and just listen? Yes.

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Either way is good as long as you can hear the mask sound.

I’d say if you’re going to watch a movie, bonus points for watching something that’s tied in with the intent of the subs.


Yep, ultrasonics give that flexibility.

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Oh, I use masked, haven’t tried ultrasonic yet.

You don’t need to use ultrasonics if you don’t want to. Masked works just as well. Whichever one you prefer.

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Don’t masked through headphones work better than listening ultrasonic via phone speakers?

It’s personal preference. Most prefer masked mainly because they can hear it.

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Yes, exactly.

Or something that deeply absorbs you and opens up your heart and mind.

Music and other concomitant, environmental factors can actually enhance your subliminal use.

If there’s music that stirs your soul, or a movie that inspires you, that can have a good effect.

I’d actually even wager that the feeling state(s) evoked by the music, video game, or movie might be even more impactful than their specific narrative content.