Vadc's for the new Emperor


Will write here once a week or more if something interesting happens. Daily journaling work well for myself to prime and condition the importance of the sub, but I believe it’s too little of amount between days to really notice the difference.

Listened for few hours of Extreme yesterday and masked throughout the night. Same as with other subs, weird dreams. Friend told me it’s rumination at work. Jordan Peterson said the same.

Today feeling a bit agravated and somewhat annoyed. Need to do something.

Plus, I feel pressure down the line of where the chakras would be starting from throat and going down below to the root chakra. I am unsure of the chakra thing (and have always been), but I know of them and where the points are. And weirdly enough, those places have pressure. Especially in throat.


Still feeling pressure. Mostly in solar plexus area. Also, head hurts a bit.

Getting annoyed for some reason. Like really annoyed. Yet, contradictory to that, I am very calm about it. You could say it’s meta - I am calm about being annoyed.

Really strange dreams. Even had dreams in dreams. Inception style. Someone in my dream tried to convince that the dream in the dream meant sub ain’t going to help me, lol.

Apart from that, too soon to wait for somehting major.


Arrogant and annoyed, lol. Voice feels deeper.

Feeling like there has been a small reframing on the outlook a bit. Reading and thinking about things that relate to myself and success hit deeper.

Edit: I heard something, that knocked me on my ass yesterday. Hit me so deep.

‘‘The amount of success that you have in your life is equal to the truth that you can accept about yourself without running away’’


Reading around about people always going for the X or Extreme or whatever the 'other’version name is, I started listening to Standard Ultrasonic version of Emperor. I will say this - feels more powerful than the Extreme version.

I am slowly feeling as if I go into different kind of narrative about my life. Think of me being able to look at myself from above (meta) as if I am a toy soldier and then have a discussion with myself about myself. Like I decide sometihng and then come back in my body with new realizations or new outlook. The changes in my views are very small and subtle, but they slowly compound.

For example, I have few things in mind to test out waters, so right away I have a thought to take a job somewhere where it fits my agenda. I can persuade someone else with a business to try out my idea and leverage someone else’s resources to test out a strategy. If it works, great, I can go with it afterwards (but not even be a competitor for the business owner).


My Emperor helps me very consciously do the action of turning off the things I enjoyed for procrastination with a little and silent voice in back of my head ‘‘That’s not me’’. It’s like there’s a feeling that I translate in a voice afterwards.

That’s subconscious ofc. This is how intuition usually works for me - with a feeling, that I voice.


Won’t go into specifics, but basically, the Emperor V2 is breaking out of me. It’s like Call of Cthulhu (which might be a bad word choice due to the recent events, lol), but it’s like as if I am loosing my mind to bring what I want to be. Even when procrastinating, there’s this subtle itching reminder in me to strive for my own, better, higher.

I also did a small thing that makes a lot of sense and big difference from the sub. My friend suggested me to do this and man is he right.

Before going to sleep I ask my subconscious mind in a loving voice something like this: ‘‘Dear subconscious mind. Please allow me to get the best out of these recordings in my night playlist (I have 12x Emperor V2, otherwise I can’t limit it to 8 hours) by following what they say as it’s intended to. I assure you these recordings hold what is in my best interests at heart so please focus and follow the recording attentively.’’

Man, is this something powerful.

Edit: And 15 minutes after writing this, thinking about my future life plans and drafting things on paper I get an email titled: Fck normal, before normal fcks you!

Ain’t this fitting.


Great tip! I heard about that in a slightly different context, but forgot that I could use it for subs as well. Thanks!


My voice is deeper and I am feeling entitled to getting what I want today. I love this. THIS kind of entitlement works. It’s about working hard, smart and getting the results I expect in form to be like the ones I most prefer getting. As a lot of times the results might differ from what I’ve planned.

I feel entitled to get results I want from my work.