Using PRIMAL when I'm not talking with others much?


I’m not working and currently applying for jobs, which means I don’t talk with other people much. I ran PRIMAL almost exclusively last week because of @AMASH 's description which I feel is exactly what I need to maximize my chances of getting a job (I believe I usually come off as too uptight and serious for people to want to work with me). I did feel way more comfortable and loose in 2 interviews I had last week, so I think it had a positive impact.

Will I get much benefit from running a socially oriented sub like PRIMAL while sitting in front of my computer, or would I be better off running something like Ascended Mogul/Emperor?
I’m open to stack recommendations too, I’ve got everything except Mogul and the Weapon X subs.


I ran Primal more than a month without talking to people or being social.

Then, when I had the opportunity to become social, I had the growth and skill and change necessary to enjoy it, be playful at it, and get a lot of respect and easy dominance.

Stack Primal + Aura + Rebirth + Limit Destroyer for a lot of goodness in 1 stack. (Primal, Aura, Primal, Rebirth, Primal, Aura, Primal, Limit Destroyer).


Wow, I expected you’d had social contact at work etc. during that time. Awesome, I’ll keep PRIMAL the centerpiece of my stack. Haven’t tried Aura yet, but I have been using the PRIMAL/Libertine/Rebirth stack you suggested. I also heavily use Sedona Method and some other techniques for clearing out emotional garbage, so Rebirth/Limit Destroyer aren’t as critical (though I’ve used both and like them). Thanks so much for the response AMASH!


Enjoy it, and always follow your heart :wink:

Primal is a really amazing sub. I can’t wait for it to be updated to PrimalTech v2.


About a week ago, before your reply, I ran a full day of Emperor (felt really good, then really awful the following day) and a full day of Ascended Mogul, then went back to Primal after your post. Had another day or so of full Primal before an interview. In that interview, I actually made a couple of jokes (first time I’ve ever done that!), was more authentically myself than I’ve ever been in an interview, and stayed composed through a 3 second silence at the end of the interview when I asked “if there was any reason they wouldn’t hire me”. And I got the job!


Yes, I can relate to the added “joking” ability Primal gives, and being able to comfortably withstand silences and pressure.