using masked to determine ultra


Hi can you use masked version to determine ultrasonic volume level to play in earbuds?


If you choose to listen to ultrasonics with earbuds you do so at your own risk. The ultra high frequency at such a close proximity to your ear could cause serious damage. If you are listening with headphones anyway, it’s best to stick with the masked version


Thanks for the heads up. I will use masked when I sleep then. Hope it works the same.


That poses me with a bit of a problem.

I spend most of the day with earphones on. At work because strangely not everybody likes my taste in music and at home because the neighbors are the complaining type. But I still want to be able to listen to music, play a game or watch some TV. So the only way to get sufficient exposure to the subs is to use ultras. I previously used to do as the thread title states, first play the masked track to determine the best possible volume level, then play the ultra at that level. Using FrequenSee at the earphones gets me about -60 (although -50 is still comfortable I err on the side of caution since I have them on most of the day, don’t want to overload on sound).
I never considered, however, that ultra frequencies may actually be louder to the ears than normal until the site used the words very, very LOUD.

So, is my method still valid? Using masked only when sleeping just doesn’t give me enough exposure.


My only suggestion is invest in a portable speaker because having the audio source playing an ultrasonic in your ear like that is simply not advisable for all the previously mentioned reasons


But can it be done safely? If the dB as measured by FreqeunSee for the ultra-track is no louder/higher than the dB measured when using a masked track, is it safe? Or does an ultra at the exact same dB level as a masked actually cause a higher impact on the ear?

Even if I run the ultra on speakers, it would have little effect when I have high-quality earbuds/earphones on to listen to music/game/tv. They would dampen the ultra running in the background to to point of being useless.

Besides, it is something to be considered even if for no other reason than an unwillingness to inadvertently expose other people to the ultrasonics.

I get the warnings. But if I HAVE to use headphones, and I can’t have a rainy river on my head for 16 hours straight, how would I do it safely? That’s what I need to know.

EDIT: Amusing little tidbit. I used to work at a place wher one of my colleagues (20-something years old) kept complaining of a very high pitched sound whenever he came near my desk. Hmm, it wasn’t me? :slight_smile:


I cannot definitively say that it can be done safely. Our ears are sensitive to the ultra high pitch of the subliminals. If you are forced to listen that way and you feel you really can’t get by with just listening to the masked while you sleep then you are doing so at your own risk. Maybe you’ll mitigate it, maybe it’ll turn out just fine. But you are risking a lot for more exposure time


When you tend to sleep for only 5 hours, you need to get that extra exposure time to reap the benefits. Granted, subs always make me sleep longer and deeper, even if I still can’t remember my dreams. But once I’m in the rhythm, it hovers around 5 hours.


I was listening to them with earbuds on the lowest volume on my phone which is 7%. I could barely make out words in an audio at that level but I still could. I thought it was maybe too low to play the ultras at that level but I was getting much vivid dreams every night. You guys brought lots of good points. My problem is that I don’t want to expose my wife to emperor lol


If you can hear anything audible with ultras at 7%, congratulations on having superhuman hearing. Dog whistles may be your Kryptonite. :slight_smile:

And if you expose your wife to emperor, it would surely put a whole new spin on the classic dominant/submissive relationship. Prepare to look good in latex, slave! Don’t worry, it’s only kinky the first time. :wink:

Honestly, I cannot even imagine being near a woman that would be as assertive and dominant as Emperor is supposed to make a person. Way too much masculine energy. It’s why some sub-authors use gender-targeted scripts (“If you are male…”).

For now, my method is to use the volume gained from listening to the masked track first, at a comfortable level (not as loud as I can go with masked). Then I place the phones’ mic as close to the earphone speaker as physically possible and measure with Frequency. I take great care to frequently verify that the volume setting is still at the level.

Technically, if the FreqneSee measurement is equal to or lower than it would be using speakers, I should be fine. To the best of my knowledge.

Maybe @SaintSovereign would grace us with at least instructions on how to achieve maximum efficiency with ultras using headphones/earbuds while remaining safe. I know it’s against recommendations, but if there’s no other choice…


Lol. I had very vivid dreams and could hear the masked tracks at that volume as well though it was low. I think the DB output of the headphones makes it very efficient. Another pair of headphones I have I need to double the volume to 14% to get the same output level. But since last week I’ve been sleeping with masked version cause it got me all paranoid now. I have noticed that the db of the ultrasonic is lower than the DB of the masked at the same volume though. Do you think the masked version is as effective as the ultra…? I’m thinking it’s not. I’m guessing it’s encoded differently and can’t have multiplexed tracks at the same time like you can with ultrasonics. But what do I know. Definitely trying to keep the latex on my wife! :rofl:


I actually told my opinion about this on another thread. I don’t know if generally ultras are more or less effective - I don’t think the science exists to prove it - only that ultras can be experienced by human ears (and thus theoretically processed). We know that people listening to only ultras experience side-effects like increased fatigue, so the subconscious must be hearing them otherwise why would it be so hard at work?

It is known that the high ranges are the first to go for people, so masked would be more reliable. But listening to masked all day long leads to a lot of bathroom breaks and a distinct inability to watch TV and listen to music. Not to mention the strange looks from people around you. So ultras fill the gap if you want to get as many hours as possible in. If not, the most reliable method would be to listen to the masked while you sleep using headphones if possible, being sure to get enough sleep.

I used to blend the two together by overlaying the tracks. So whenever I listened to masked, the ultras were there as well. I still wonder if that actually worked…

From what I’ve measured using FrequenSee the ultra track is only slightly softer than the masked. That might be because the masked has the water-sounds and the ultra only has a voice. Maybe without the water-sounds, the ultra’s voice can actually be louder at the same dB. Difference is negligible though.


I found out my 12 year old daughter had this same ability to hear this about two years back, for the first time I’d bought an ultrasonic sub, she came over to my place to visit. I had an ultrasonic sub playing along with a YT video. She asked me what the noise was. I sidelined it, but she persisted. It was bothering her, even painfully. So, with her watching, I turned YT off. She said “no”. Being stumped, I turned the sub player off, and she smiled in relief. “Wow. It’s gone.”

And last year, I visited her (they live out of state). I had my laptop with me, and I was using masked tracks, thinking these frequencies did not affect her. I was wrong. Even from around 50 feet away she could still hear it, telling me it was like a continual screeching. So, I kept it off when she was home.

Some people have very, very good hearing. My daughter is one. And even she knows it’ll wear off with age.