Using different sound for masked tracks

I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but I was wondering if you could change out the water sounds to something less powerful, it would be easier listening to it while sleeping.

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Oh yes, please. I miss the rainfall vs babbling brook vs ocean. It’s a minor thing though.

I do wonder what the current sound is supposed to be. It’s like rain and river flooding at the same time. Peaceful Monsoon Sounds, now available on Amazon.

i am kinda new to subs but i would love to have a rainfall background. Rain is my favourite

I love rain in general. Always wanted to live in a little house near a forest where it rains every night. I’d go and sit at the porch after dinner, enjoying the sounds and the smells coming from the wet forest.

It clears the air too. Lots of negative ions keep us nice and alert and cause smog and other pollutants to sink to the ground.

Not so nice if you take the bike to work though.

Still, I think Fire’s not going to change it up anytime soon. His compiler appears to be running more cycles than a crypto-currency miner.

Personally, I am fine with the present masked track. I might be willing to try out others, too, but I would like the present track to remain available as I have gotten comfortable with it.

I second this. Would be nice if the new subs, like Quantum Limitless can have a more gentle sound like soft rain or a gentle stream that is easier to sleep with and listen to in general.

What about a sex on the beach masking track? :rofl:

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Makes me think of all the background noises in Libertine. I imagine that as a full on masked track would cause more problems than it solves :stuck_out_tongue:


I like taking my time doing the horizontal mambo as much as the next person, but 6+ hours of moaning every day would get a bit too much after a few days… :slight_smile:


Another company used a thunderstorm for their subs. Their subs never worked for me but it was relaxing.

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I’m trying to imagine all our nofap users having to deal with this :rofl:


Naah. If they bring a new sound, they’ll have to update every other masked file created till now.
I love the “stability” of the stack sounding the same regardless of how much “variety” of products I experiment with. :smile:

Also, with the current track, volume calibration is easy. Ocean waves, rainstorm, etc. tend to have too much amplitude variability.


The current masked soundtrack, while abrasive, also has the benefit of sort of turning into “white noise” eventually. Once you leave it in the background long enough it starts to sound like static. Sometimes I forget it’s supposed to sound like water


Ah…the sweet sweet Peaceful Chaos :smiley: