Users, how does subclub compare to other competitors?


For subliminal users that have tried many vendors, I’m curious to see your inputs on subliminal club products compared to other competitors in the space.

Is subliminal club better? If so, in what way?



I’d be careful here. The owners here purposely try to avoid mudslinging and calling out known competitors. I’ve spoken of competitors or their products on my threads here, but I’ve never named names. I have seen competitors names edited by the mods here regularly.

The reason? That’s not why they’re here. They focus on making excellent subliminals, and namecalling (which can be common, especially by newcomers) makes SubClub look like little boys, not men. I’ve been here six months, and I never hear them blaming or smearing others’ names and products.

Is SubClub better? In many ways, for me. I came from a competitor for a single reason: SC’s subs have a core message of independence, and I felt very young and very dependent on the other’s subs and output. I began listening to SC’s subs, and the freedom in un-dependence is magnetic. I’d even returned to that same competitor for a new sub put out, I used it and had success…but I felt the chains of being dependent again in just over a month. I came back. Believing in my own ability to make changes in my life is absolute gold to me. I’m staying.


@subliminalguy is right. We’ve taken great steps to maintain cordial relationships with other subliminal producers, so please take care not to badmouth anyone.


All i can say is SC products are ideal for some people but not for others so they go elsewhere.


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I wonder if there is a submodule in emperor called beast mode!


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