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I usually would never post journals, just entirely based on my irrational need to protect any vulnerabilities I might have, but I have come to understand and grow that that is just weakness taking over and not vulnerability. There is a big difference between these two.

My original goal here at SC started with Primal to augment my YT/etc subliminal stack to increase animal magnetism without sexuality (Charisma). Insofar I have several months of Primal daily listening integrated. I added and integrated about two months of SM, after my change of perspective regarding my aversion to sexual scripting. I decided to add SM because it had Ascended Lite, as well as hoping to develop a sexual aura that I would be congruent with my current personality. I would focus that aura in short bursts in order to quickly evaluate their reaction to it.

Animal magnetism is described differently between where you get your information, I will divulge the information from two places that resonate with my idea behind (AM). One is Presence, Power, Warmth… The other is more diffuse but represents primitive charisma, Intelligence, openess, conscientiousness, agreeableness, stability and extraversion. This is generally my goal as a foundation, and I wanted the advanced scripting of SC to be the foundation of this rather than the simple affirmations of my previous YT/etc stack.

The other side of Animal Magnetism is going to be more vilified but at the same time attractive for the power it brings the individual, and is generally adopted by ugly/weak persons, while repressed by the inherently good. I am talking about fear, vanity and cunning. I wont divulge or affirm exactly what these three represent but it would be simple enough to understand, considering the extensiveness of its use within the animal kingdom.

As for my plan for this journal, I will try to update it weekly, in accordance with my schedule to try and read one book per week. I am not judgmental but my main value from any replies is your objective/informational comments. I just want to document this mainly as constructive insight for SC, as I want to condense and optimize my listening for Time saving, but the current Q store is out of my price range.

As I mentioned earlier I already integrated Primal and SM, but this is specifically a new stack around a new idea that I synthesized after listening to Ultima. The core of the stack is this… YTMAS is filler, Youtube Music/affirmation Subliminal, I use the same track for the stack split into 15 or 30 minutes to buffer and consciously anchor the stack.

14 days - 15m YTMA - Godlike Masculinity - 15m YTMA - Primal - 30m YTMA - Godlike Masculinity - The Commander (2x)

I hope to replace Aura with libertine ultima.

14 days - 15m YTMA - Aura - 15m YTMA - Sex Mastery - 30m YTMA - Aura - Libertine (2x)

Since this stack is not yet integrated I will listen to it for about 90 days. After this I plan on transitioning to listen to my lite versions the majority of the time. At the end of integration and transition into maintenance to save time, I will listen to the core stack once every three months for a minimum of 4 weeks.

14 days - 15m YTMA - Godlike Masulinity - 15m - The commander (2x)

14 days - 15m YTMA - Aura - 15m - Libertine (2x)

I will use this trimmed stack for 3 months.

I use other subs from SC as well, but I want them to function as a baseline for which my focus is animal magnetism, the original reason I was here, and your opinion on your wisdom regarding any questions I have.

Thanks for reading.


The general wisdom here and elsewhere with subliminals Is never mix subs by different producers. If they’re using different methods, they can get in each others’ way and possibly cause side effects.

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That is a good point, and I understand that might give the impression that the results would be tainted and the information unreliable. I consider them to function only as anchors/placebo for frame control, since SC does not have any exclusive music tracks aside from the beast unleashed.

I imagine if one was to try and remove all aspects of subliminal messaging, they would not listen to any music, watch television, or use social media.


My custom called Lust At First Sight has both Primal and Sexual Mastery as cores. Interested to follow your progress.

Btw, here’s something I found, enjoy:

I appreciate that relevant resource. It will be difficult in the future to find specific titles to read, and will eventually have to resort to fragments of information from unfocused sources.

About your custom, it is something I would like to try and flesh out in my brain, the dialectic between love and lust. It can be difficult to uncouple what happens first since they are intrinsically linked to each other. I was hoping not having to rely on a sexual aura to provoke love, but some women need to feel that tension and thus passion. I would argue the sequence that high quality women go through, low sexual energy/passion in the early stages of seduction. Then throw on a charged sexual aura and see what the response is, It could be anything from fear to awe.

" The eyes chico, they never lie…"

This is interesting, thank you for sharing.

So I just finished Carlos Castaneda’s first book, it is was his first book involving his PHD studies in anthropology. Part 1 only, I am skipping the part 2 as its just Carlos’s post analysis.

A synopsis of the book would be, Carlos starting his journey being mentored in the practical and esoteric use of Peyote, Datura and mushroom smoke as a Brujo (sorcerer). It seemed half of part one was preparation of these drugs, but I will ignore this. My main concerns will be trying to extract as much correlative information from the dialectics of the literal written philosophy, to analyse and relate some of the animals/stories used/mentioned to the characteristics mentioned in the first post. It actually should start relatively easily since the author explicitly mentions some of these already, such as fear, power, vanity , and indirectly cunning (although relates cunning to misogynistic concepts). It is weird since I never got these words from this title.

The main philosophy of the Brujo mentor is revolves around the surpassion of obstacles, which are in sequence Fear - Power - Clarity - Old Age. This leads to the individual to possess the collective reality shared within the world of men, as written. Each level is both an advantage and disadvantage. The first stage is a meek person challenging fear (Peyote). They lose the easy life of being controlled by others and living in fantasy, and acquire power. Power (Datura) allows the individual to control and direct their will, but often destructively so. This is described by the torment of the Carlos by a diablosa, and is an example of unrestrained power. He is almost killed and his soul taken by the diablosa, but through his directed will he proves he is not meek and has passed that stage. The third stage is resultant of the experience of unrestrained power and its consequence, of how it affects yourself and others. Clarity (Mushroom) is the stage of mastery, the ability to control power through directed will, it is also the ability to restrain one’s power and allow for the agency of others to exercise their power/will freely without involvement/worry since they already see clearly any solutions, directions, problems etc. The last stage is Old Age, this is simply the ability to maintain clarity is the face of disadvantage, this stage is not surpassable. There never was any drug associated with this stage mentioned, so I assume it’s simply the continued execution of knowledge and experience as a veteran Brujo.

There are a number of animals mentioned such as lizards, crows, bears, dogs and others (minor mentions).

The first animal was a dog playing with Carlos during his first mescaline use. During his amnesia he was being patronized played with, by Mescalito by becoming a dog and playing with him, Carlos mimics the dog and possesses the archetypal dog behavior, running, barking, obedience, disobedience, peeing etc. There is another mention of a dog later in the book, the diablosa takes the form of a dog after Carlos “Defeats” her. I imagine this was to contrast the warmth of Mescalito to the cunning of the diablosa.

The lizards are used during Carlos’s use of Datura. He had to sew the eyes of one shut, and the others mouth shut. One would see and the other lizard would speak to Carlos. This is to aid him into the path of clarity from power. The lizard is an ancient animal and thus represents intelligence. Carlos uses Datura to permanently absorb the information given to him by the lizards.

The crow and bear (and others) are mentioned in the same section. The crow is chosen by the Mentor Brujo as the ideal animal, by adaptability/survivability. Other birds are targeted by humans as pests. Hawks/eagles are killed by humans for scavenging/predatory activity, smaller birds are killed by larger birds. Small birds represent agreeableness, openness. The crow is large enough/ collectively works together to be annoying to be targeted by larger birds. Humans also ignore them since they are not predatory. So the crow represents conscientiousness, stability, intelligence. The bear requires too much food and is representative of unrestrained power, and brings fear into humans, making them a target. The bear represents extroversion, power, presence (Same as larger birds). Mushroom is used by the mentor Brujo to maintain clarity as a crow. He probably sees himself as coercing Carlos to choose a crow as well, to enhance his survival chances. The mentor Brujo is exemplifying the crows collective behavior by taking Carlos as a disciple.

I guess that concludes the synopsis of the book. I listened to Carlos’s 3rd book and it was more dialectical/philosophical and less instructional, as I mention earlier, half of the book is Carlos gathering and preparing materials to use. The 3rd book is on youtube somewhere for free (8 hours I think). I may do a synopsis of it on here if I want to, although I do not remember any animals being in it.

I may do some writing later regarding my Primal + SM stack, and I plan on tweaking my Lite stack a bit.

Thanks for reading.

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I forgot to mention vanity. The mentor Brujo mentions vanity is the belief one has the ability to live with two different realities. Overcoming the obstacles leads one to remove vanity.

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I am in a bit of a funk for the last week for one reason or another, So I am going to stop indefinitely, instead of weekly.

I was having some trouble finding reading material, so I was going to transcript and analyse the philosophy the movie planet of the apes (1968), It has a lot of interesting cultural parallels, specifically on the critique of human behavior, and it is contrasted with the primitive primate society (Orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee). In the end only two intellectual chimpanzees survive the destruction of earth (Not part of the first film).

The only other book material I found was inside of “Structuralism and Semiotics”, in the chapter “Linguistics and Anthropology”. I randomly came across this verse,

“It is a fact of empirical observation that human beings everywhere adopt ritual attitudes towards the animals and plants in their vicinity. Consider, for example, the separate, and often bizarre, rules which govern the behavior of Englishmen towards the creatures which they classify as 1. Wild animals, 2. Foxes, 3. game, 4. farm animals, 5. pets, 6. vermin. Notice further that if we take the sequence of words; 1. strangers 2. enemies 3. friends 4. neighbors 5. companions 6. criminals, the two sets of terms are in some degree homologous.”

That manifested quickly while I was skimming the chapter and thought it would be a suitable topic for me to analyze here. The book is very abstract with far reaching/broad subjective material, I thought it would be interesting to look at and tie it to other relevant concepts.

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I have two customs that I am running. One includes Primal and Sex Mastery as cores. The other includes Primal Seduction and Stark, which incorporates Primal Seduction Iron Throne.