Updates on 12 whats going on?

Two men dressed in dark three-piece suits wearing Tom Ford sun glasses stand in board room. One of them turns to the other and takes off his shades,

Black Adder: Its time
White Tiger: Do you want me to activate Cobra ?
Black Adder: Do we have choice ? no news from subliminal club on 12

White Tiger pulls up his sleeve and begins typing instructions on his Google Watch.

White Tiger: Where is DarkPhilosopher ?

Black Adder: Hmm speaking of the devil

Meanwhile thousands of miles away DarkPhilosopher sits shaking sweat pouring from his foreheard.


YESSS indeed :sunglasses:

DarkPhilosopher sits shaking sweat pouring from his forehead. Hands tied behind his back. A man in a long cloak walks in,

JCAST “You will tell me everything I need to know about 12”
DarkPhilosopher “Never I am sworn to secrecy !!”

JCAST turns away and laughs “we have the means to make you talk”


I think you may have captured Dante. According to rumor, DarkPhilosopher is kind of un-stuck in time and space since running the original experimental version of [REDACTED].

By the way, I thought we had called a truce?


I can’t believe how much I enjoy these things.

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I did some digging, with my L33T H@x0R skills, and have discovered the secret.

It’s shocking. It’s not what I would have expected.

The first clue was the focus on the new audio equipment, which led me to suspect 12 has something to do with sound.

The second clue was the special lighting, which suggests color is important.

Hahhaa fuck what is that :joy: did they add the subs on the pages?

The third clue is the couch, which is used for sitting on, perhaps while listening to or watching something. A pattern is starting to emerge. :thinking:

Don’t tell me it’s the new tracks for masked

The final clue is the number 12 itself, which I suspect is important and not entirely random. So, I pondered and I think I’ve solved it.

Something with sound and colors, that you watch, and is associated with the number 12.

Boom, I solved it.

Elementary, dear forum members....

Saint ordered the limited edition Muppets Movies box set on Bluray, with the original movie and 11 sequels. It’s full of sound and bright colors, and he will enjoy it while sitting on the comfy couch. What’s important about today, of all days?

Clearly, it’s being delivered today and so the Muppet marathon can begin.

Yep, nailed it.


It was so obvious the whole time.

Right???!! :crazy_face:

There is a rumor that we all get 50% off because it was delayed :joy:

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It’s not delayed it’s still the afternoon where SaintSovereign lives :rofl:

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No no, I really mean it, right now it’s 2:35 in SaintSovereign’s timezone hahaha

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Yup. I am just away from civilization :laughing: