Updated Q stuff?


Hello, i started listening E4 two months ago at daytime with 2x daredevil. I added E3 one month ago for nightly session and wanted to switch to primal seduction for E3.
I read there are some new programs like PS which are upgraded to Q like PS.
Which are the other and is there a free upgrade for those who already purchased the older versions?



Every single title except for the Supercharger product line and products that were received as a preorder bonus (i.e. Social King). The only exception to the pre order bonuses is Iron Throne since that was released as part of the regular product line. All the single stage and multi stage titles have received a Q update including Emperor and Primal Seduction .

Upgrades are always free here at SubClub :slight_smile:


Everything that gets upgraded shows up in “My Account” in the download section.


Is there a thread with an explanation why it is more powerfull or can someone give me a quick explaination i somehow lost the train :sweat_smile:


Why not just start running one of the tracks and see what happens?


Alrighty then,lets go :+1:


I already am.


Take a look: Main Discussion Thread - Q

Long story short, Q (short for Quintessence) is our proprietary, automated subliminal creation platform. Before, we built every subliminal by hand, which took DAYS (to weeks, even). If we needed to change something in the script, or upgrade a title, we’d have to start over from scratch.

Now, all we have to do is drop a script into Q and 30 minutes later, we have a finished product. We can also change certain variables within the control panel to make subliminals stronger (or weaker) and experiment as we please.

Q-powered subs, by default, have MUCH MORE information since we’re no longer limited by the software packages we were using before.

Main Discussion Thread - Q

Ok,thx for the explanation


I can feel a great start after only one day and a happy mood and nice sensations while listening.

Great stuff

Looking forward to a great future for all of us