Updated 48 laws of power, adapted for the modern century


Had anyone read it? Or wants to read it?


@mecharc - first time am hearing of it. Who is the author? Couldn’t find the Updated 48 Laws of Power on Amazon.


Link? I am figuring if this exists it is still Robert Greene involved with it.

I have been listening to the original 48 Laws of Power audiobook, lately. Probably my 4th or 5th time through over the years.


Where did you find this book?


It’s actually a very restricted article… I’d have to copy paste the contents here if anyone wants it. @raphael @dorfmeister @Abu_Nasir





Pls do it if u can


Abu Nasir has found it! Well done brother! QL Workin well :wink:


Lol! I’m only on Alchemist and Emperor.


Seems like the author of this article read only the 48 tiltes and not the book


I found the article to be quite insightful


I agree it is insightful as standalone. I just have the feeling that author is trying to overwrite original 48 laws which i didnt like


Essentially someone critiquing and commenting upon the original 48 Laws of Power.


@mecharc - I read a few of the updated laws. It’s pretty good. Will synthesize it along with the original book when I reach QL ST4