Update Ascended Mogul to new tech


Will AM get an update to the new tech? Not that it’s huge deal but it would be nice if the ultrasonic could be brought down to 45 minutes instead of 76 minutes in the old standard. I only mention because I’m stacking AM 3 times in my current stack and that tacks on an extra hour and a half of listening time for ultrasonic stack vs masked stack.


They have a roadmap for 2020 and no updates of AM are included


This makes sense, since neither Mogul and AM were quoted in the recommended staking programs in the ebook. Take a look there.


While neither were mentioned in section 13 of the ebook (“recommended stacks”), both were recommended in section 11. It would simply be nice to have the listening time cut down, especially with the peak effectiveness guidelines of listening 6+ hours during the day and none during sleep hours. An extra half hour per listen adds up quickly over time


I’m wondering if Emperor and Khan actually killed off most of the Ascension/Mogul sales so it’s no longer worth the effort to update them.


It’d be a shame if that were true. Emperor is more broadly focused and Khan doesn’t necessarily meet the standard of “affordable programs” which makes SubClub the choice for so many of its users. I believe Ascension was updated to New Dawn but Mogul and AM were left behind. Giving them an update could benefit so many


Which Ebook are you talking about?


Why is it advised not to listen during sleep times?


You can read about it on this thread :slight_smile:



Informative, I like that. Thank you, my friend!


Oh on the {Do not listen while you sleep}, I actually said this in a post a few days earlier. Also the reason why it caught my attention. It’s exactly what I’ve realized tho. Normally I always have very vivid dreams, with many of them being lucid. Now, when listening to these subliminal’s at night, I realized I wasn’t dreaming anymore at all. Exactly like what was being said in the post you’ve linked.


Keep in mind that it is more important to put in the hours than sleeping without subs. If you are running 3 subs for example is impossible to have decent exposure if you dont listen when you sleep


I’m not sure I agree. Many people compare using subliminals to going to the gym. More is not always better. What makes the difference is incremental progress & time to build up that strength/endurance. Listening more doesn’t necessarily help more. It really depends on how much you can listen during the day. If it’s completely impossible, then maybe. But most of the users on here let their phones play ultrasonics all day long even while at work. The only reason for absolutely needing exposure at night is if you truly can’t get any amount of extended listening during the day


I never said more but i said decent exposure

Dont forget so far everyone used set and forget method and the subliminals produced pretty good results

Finally it is still recommended to put 6 hours. So 6*3=18 hours. Good luck putting close to this if you dont listen when you sleep. I am not sarcastic i just find it impossible but again i said decent exposure and not more or less


Remember that a lot of the subliminals contain overlapping scripts, especially if they’re focused on the same things (Emperor and Ascended Mogul for example) and on top of that each subliminal has the scripting repeated more than once per track. So if you listen to one track in its entirety you might get all the scripting 2 or 3 times (not sure exactly how many times as I don’t believe it’s ever been revealed). So with all that in mind I don’t think that’s 6+ hours per sub as much as it is 6+ hours total listening time.


I have better results listening to less. It all comes down to your own feelings as everyone is different. By listening more and believing it will gain you more results that’s a soft intention already. We’re powerful creators but in fact it isn’t better as your subconscious needs time to integrate these subliminal’s and that’s best done at night. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I’ve gained great results from only listening for two weeks or so.


How many hours you listen and how is your stack?


Everyone is different, and not everyone works on their subconscious / Energy field daily. In my case i only needed 1h of exposure daily with Sex Mastery X2 version to get extreme and permanent results.

This new versions of Q for example they dont do nothing to me so everyone is different and you will see different results also by what you practice in your daily routines ( Meditation, deep breathing and Focusing exercises manifest subs way more rapidly) than a regular joe is just clicks the button.


Because this is posted in an Ascended Mogul thread, I’d like to clarify that @Elme and his whole family are responding fabulously to AMQ.

His statement above is with respect to the difference in his experience between SMX2 and SMQ.


U need to cut back listening time. Q is very powerful so don’t go overboard… maybe one or two loops a day and rest days must be considered
If u use too much Q u will get no results at all