Unofficial Main Hype Thread - Arnold Q (Muscle GainzZzz)


Who would like a subliminal solely dedicated to building muscle?

Yes, currently we have Spartan and Emperor Fitness that are dedicated to fitness and includes aspects to improve one’s physique, but those are not 100% focused on it like Boxing Mastery and Muay Thai Mastery.

Imagine being able to gain an unprecedented amount of pure, lean, muscle mass in record breaking time. What use to take 5 years of constant dedication and training can be streamlined into 6 months… or less!! After which you can maintain those gains easily and change your focus to other aspects of life.

Vote below, and give suggestions for the name of this sub in the comments. :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I wanna make all kindzZzz of Gains… all kindzZzz
  • No, I just wanna make memes all day

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Might wanna add “fanfic” in the title here


This is a good idea can add enhancements so we gain muscle without going to the gym. There is at least one subliminal producer out there who has created a product which causes your body to build muscle without exercising.

I suggest we call it the Emperor Conditioner or perhaps Emperor Juice


I suggest SC market this product hard. Do you want to be a skinny beta looser who loses the girl ? or big muscle alpha ? see this advert perhaps SC can use something like this.


lost the plot …loooool


How different would it be from the Unleasher? (EF3)


This sub would be single stage so one doesnt have to go through EF Stages 1 and 2 to get to it. Cost wise, we wouldnt have to pay for a multi stage when we’re to get a single stage.

Other things that could be added…change any limiting beliefs about gaining muscle mass, especially for the skinny dudes who have been told they’re skinny since their first erection.
And how about the appetite to consume enough calories to support this goal, along with protein assimilation turned up to Terminus level (assuming the experiment works, which looks like it does.)


I concur with Sirchiropractixalot this would also be a natural evolution of the unleasher


I think theirs other things that should gain priority over another muscle building subliminal. Stage 3 of emperor fitness is pretty strictly focused on building muscle if you haven’t given it a chance I recommend it. I’m a pretty serious bodybuilder/power lifter I haven’t missed a week out of the gym in probably 6 years now and i have been able to make incredible gains since including it. My nutrition is dialed in to perfection from my macro nutrients to my vitamins and minerals/ herbal supplementation my strength is through the rough and I’m the leanest I’ve ever been.


The question is, does that actually work?



Clearly the most amazing part of that ad is this part right here:

Forget muscles. That’s the subliminal I want.

Later TerminusX by SubClub

Get amazing, instantaneous results in any area of life you choose! …in less than the space of one comic strip panel!!

Tired of waiting until later?

Well get Later now!!!

p.s. (Don’t blame me. Blame Stark.)


Yes, magic pill to turn one instantly into a combination of Albert Einstein, Arnie and Warren Buffet and Brad Pitt would be good.

But probably SubClub would be out of business when our sub users are smart enough to create their own subs for others who are smart enough to create their own subs others and so on…


My friend, in all politeness, you are clearly forgetting about the One Ring (to rule them all) Protocol.

Surely you’ll recognize that by the time the situation you are describing has actually transpired, the entire global economic order will have evolved to the point that the concept of ‘out of business’ will have long since been rendered obsolete, particularly for SubClub.

By that point they’ll have moved on to individualized, executive consultations and solutions-development for the minds and intellects driving species-wide development.


Seriously though, are you an ectomorph, ‘hard-gainer’, @Sirchiropractixalot?

I was. And following the right program it only took about 9-12 or so weeks to deal with it. I don’t have my notes with me, but over the course of that program, I went from about 150 to 180. [note: that final weight happened after more than 12 weeks! But it was still faster than I’d originally expected.]. Frankly, I could have done more, but my lower-back weakness meant that I did not integrate a lot of squats into the routine.

Thing is. Once you put on that muscle, it’s also easier to gain fat. So you have to become more conscientious about your fitness. It’s cool though. If you’re young enough, it shouldn’t be a problem. [note: also remember that excessive amounts of mass in the body can render you more vulnerable to various chronic medical conditions, so be careful/thoughtful with it.].

Currently, I’ve lost a bunch of my strength and mass gains. But my weight is still up!

Nowadays my admired body type and strength-training style would be exemplified more by someone like Frank Medrano or Pavel Tsatsouline. Functional strength is much more impressive to me. But that’s subjective.