Unleasher ST3 or Spartan in my stack?



Right now I am using primal and emperor, i also want to keep my skin smooth and keep in shape as the gyms are still closed. Is it worth me buying the emperor fitness ? to body morph myself ? or will my existing spartan product i have do the trick ?


At this point, I would say “wait for the Q store” then pick the modules to create the ultimate soap-series-beach-boy sub. In the meantime, use Spartan if you feel those few weeks will get you out of shape.

I stopped eating a month ago, I’m burning through fat like you wouldn’t believe. And saving money. I’m in better shape now than I’ve been for almost 2 years. My eight-pack is on the horizon. :slight_smile:


@DarkPhilosopher do you have your own youtube channel ?


Nah, never got into the social media influencer thing. It’s interesting, but it takes a LOT of time. Plus, people are very fickle, one day you have thousands of subscribers, the next day you have none. I wouldn’t mind helping out on the SubClub blog that’s on the backlog though.

To document the fast, you mean? I’ve done it often enough that it’s pretty much normal. But the last few years have been very messy, so I never got around to it. Now, with the forced isolation, I figured why not? I’m mostly at home anyway, don’t need to go to work, people won’t comment on the fact that I look a bit different, it’s the perfect time. If I can reach my baseline in time, I can move forward from there.