Uncompressed audio subs


Hey everyone,
Am I the only one a bit concerned about the reduced size of the mp3 files? In my mind, the smaller the size, the more compression is needed. And compression comes at the price of detail loss.
Especially for Ultima where high tech gear is needed, this just seems counter intuitive.

Is there any reason we don’t get access to uncompressed format as well? I would prefer FLAC personally, as my entire music collection is FLAC.

What do you think?


FLAC doesn’t work on iPhone and on iTunes for Mac. In addition, the uncompressed file output by Q is roughly 3GB which is highly impractical for many people.


It does work natively since IOS 11 and for all versions with an external player. This shouldn’t be an issue.


It was asked before, they said no. They explained it in the other thread, pls search for.it


Mmm. When testing executive, Saint mentioned that uncompressed is coming, but I’ll search the forums a bit. thanks.