Ultrasonics work for old ears?


A question similar to this was asked 12 months ago but was never answered.

It’s been documented that our capacity to hear high frequency sounds gets worse and worse as we age. I read that school kids can set their phone ringer and notifications to a high frequency that the teachers can’t hear.

How does that degradation affect the effectiveness of the ultrasonic tracks for people aged 50, 60, or older? Do we even register it?


This is a good question and it would be nice to have a definitive answer on this.


Yep it is and here is also the difference between women and men documented.


Thats the reason why i am using masked only. For me they are working better than the ultrasonic tracks. I tried both and masked is more intensive for me.


And it must be noted that Emperor v4 ultrasonic track hurted my ears for many weeks. I had to stop hearing completely in order to feel some relief.

So, be careful.