Ultrasonics while listening to music/streaming


Starting my subliminal stack today and this is my playlist

Emperor v2
Godlike Masculinity
Limit Destroyer

I’m currently playing the ultrasonics off my laptop speakers. My question is can I listen to other things (music, Netflix, etc.) while also listening to the ultrasonic subs? I set the volume on other things I’m listening to below the volume level of the subliminals (using Frequensee to make sure the peak of the subliminal is above that of any other sound being measured) . Should I be playing them in silence instead? All sounds are coming from the same source (laptop speakers). What is the potential affect on absorption of the subliminal script?


Yes, you may listen to other things while using the ultrasonic, and it shouldn’t affect any results.


You can also do the samething while listening to masked too right just not from the same speakers?