Ultrasonic sub and age


Hi is there any age related issue with ultrasonic subs? According net we start loosing our hearing range after 20. Im 47 and i start hear pitch noise at roughly at 16- 17khz


Short answer:

Although I do not believe there is actual scientific proof of it, there are many, many testimonies from people of all ages that ultrasonic subliminals are effective even when you no longer hear them. Too many to think it’s only a placebo effect.

Furthermore, ultrasonics will come across a lot clearer since they can be at normal volume while masked subliminals have more of a whispered volume. Which should make ultrasonics more effective.

But if you get nausea, headaches or tinnitus (high-pitched beep during silent moments) when listening then you are better off NOT using them. It means you can either hear them and are negatively affected (the effects go away within the hour) or you are risking hearing damage.

That is as short as I can make it. Long answer follows…

The scientific consensus is that as you age sensorineural hearing loss is inevitable. This would mean that in theory you should (at some point) not be affected by ultrasonic subliminals at all, since the cochlea no longer picks up the vibrations of those sounds and as such they never reach your brain.

And yet subliminal producers have testimonies from a great many people of all ages that they still work. So my guess is that no scientist has ever been able to plug a camera into the cochlea of a living person to verify without causing them to go deaf instantly.

Maybe you don’t actually lose the physical ability to hear them, but your brain simply stops informing you. This argument can be made considering everything around us emits ultrasonic sounds. Buildings, machines, rodent and insect repellers. A very big one are chargers and powerblocks for your modems, cell phones and whatnot. Your brain helps you by making it so you don’t have to hear that anymore.

One exception though. Subjecting yourself to constant loud sounds will cause sufficient damage across your entire range of hearing. Usually prolonged tinnitus is the earliest evidence of it.

Reminds me of the mosquito ringtone hype that was all the range among teenagers about a decade ago. A ringtone that only teenagers could hear made it so they could message without adults knowing.


@DarkPhilosopher if I don’t play my ultras in the lowest volume, like 7% in headphones I can hear something that sounds like a really high pitched sine wave. Is that the same thing? But masked at a comfortable volume is like 21 or 27 %. What do you think?


You shouldn’t listen to ultrasonics on headphones – too risky.


What he said. :slight_smile:

I’m really not qualified to give you a better answer than that. All I can say is to take good care of yourself. That includes your hearing. Headphones or not, be mindful and keep FrequenSee nearby.