Ultrasonic safety concern


Hello, I’m new here but I have used various subliminals from youtube for the past four months or so. Pretty minimal results, but some. I am wondering how safe the ultrasonic recording is for listening overnight long term. It was stated in the description that the ultrasonics are actually very, very, LOUD. Relative to what if we cant hear it? What evidence do we have that it is safe to listen overnight long term? Which I assume is the most effective way to use these recordings. Also how do we know how accurate the frequency measuring app is? I’m not trying to discredit you guys at all, I’m just curious because this is our ear health at stake. Thank you in advance for the feedback.


Ultrasonic / high frequency sound occurs all around you, 24/7. Ultrasonic sound and “regular” sound have the same physical properties – humans just haven’t evolved to consciously perceive it. For example, the following chart was a snapshot taken from the first 30 seconds of “One More Time” by Daft Punk:

Ultrasonic / high frequency sound is all around you and your hearing isn’t hurt by default by it. Just listen at a reasonable level, or use the masked track. There are many people who aren’t fond of ultrasonics and exclusively use masked.

We didn’t make the app – it’s just a trusted app that is well known and used in the subliminal community. You can use any frequency measuring app or tool that you’d like.


Ok thank you for making it clearer for me, that definitely makes sense. One more question. Does the gaming subliminal also optimize racing games? Or for that matter real life auto racing skill??!! Thank you


No problem!

It enhances reflexes, but the script is very pointed at gaming. Not sure if that would translate to real life.