Ultrasonic Mogul file is over an hour


Masked file= 45 mins
Ultrasonic= over an hour

Is it okay? @SaintSovereign


Yeah titles before early 2019 didn’t have matching masked and ultrasonic run-times. I recall this being the case with S&S and Primal, the first subs I bought.


Those days seem pre historic now


This is an example of TWO forum behaviors that cause trouble for you.

“Starting a new thread”
when using the search function, or looking up the Main Mogul thread would’ve sufficed;
or when asking in the Main Mogul thread would be appropriate.

New members are forgiven for such actions. Active ones disappoint.

Which is why I’m not bothered to link or quote from that thread. I know you can do it yourself.
“Why should I work when he wants to be lazy!”

Edit: And I’m feeling guilty for NOT linking, because I’m bothered that when the next person with the same concern searches, this thread is going to clutter their search results.


Forgive me guru