Ultrasonic Cans and Cants


Okay so I gotta ask what can Ultrasonic subs be used during? Like say I wanted to go to the movies with a friend could I play them? And would it be loud enough? Also I have the FrequenSee app and whenever I pull it out to see how high things are; it doesn’t go higher than 80db. Is this okay?


Ultrasonic is perfect to be played outside as it’s actually quiet. Try to minimize the subs contact to other people but if they listen to little tidbits here and there it’s all good

Which speaker registers your subs under 80db? Laptop or phone or PC? It should be around 50db so turn the volume up or possibly invest in a good speaker. It’ll be worth it!


I’m just straight up using my iphone


Assuming you meant -80dB , you should definitely be able to register higher than that on your phone.

Even on my lowest phone volume, I register the ultrasonic at minimum -70dB.

You are looking at the sharp peak at the right of the graph, correct?


If you can’t manage to get it above -80dB, give masked version a try.


Okay so I learned that putting my iPhone on max volume meets the 20k by 50-60db range.


PS: haven’t felt overwhelmed or anything from either AM or Emperor; that’s a good thing right?