Ultrasonic and cats



I would like to listen to the ultrasonic versions in the speakers, while I am sleeping, but I have two cats in the apartment.
Do the ultrasonic sounds have a negative impact on pets?



Subliminals will only affect those who understand English, Because the scripting is in English.


Mecharc is correct cats do not speak or understand english so the utras should not pose a problem.


It’s more likely that you’re worried about the high frequency sounds because cats and dogs have more sensitive hearing.

If you don’t turn the volume too high, they should be fine. You can use FrequenSee to confirm the decibel level. Also try it out in the daytime and observe the animals to be sure that they’re comfortable.


Yes @Malkuth, I am worried that the high frequency could affect them in some way.

So how do I observe if they are comfortable or not? What signs should I look for?


They will leave the area if feeling uncomfortable. Like noise you can hear they hear the sound of the subliminal. My cat always left the room if there was anything played too loud.
Like mentioned before check the volume level with frequensee. More important that your ears are not damaged. You have no other chance to estimate the loudness.


Here some more infos:


Species Approximate Range (Hz)
human 64-23,000
dog 67-45,000
cat 45-64,000

Your cat will hear it clearly…


Thank you very much @Hannibal !
I highly appreciate your answer.