Ultimate Sovereign


My custom has finally been ordered. The following modules are what it contains, along with a Terminus build strength:

Alpha of Alpha
Carpe Diem Ascended
Divine Will
Iron Frame
Leader of Men
Lion IV
Power Unleashed
The Merger of Worlds
Total Nonchalance
Emperor Q Core
Godlike Masculinity


Good luck! That list looks monster big, you ain’t messing around!


Not at all bro. I wanted an ultimate, high-quality male building subliminal. Of course, every module I wanted couldn’t make it, but even after studying the long-term impacts of what I included, I’ll still reap the benefits of the modules I left out in the long-run. I still get everything I wanted in this sub when it’s all said and done.


Custom finally arrived and it seemed difficult to overcome the obstacle it took to get it built and delivered, but much appreciation to @SaintSovereign and his team once again.

Currently running the masked version. With Q subs I typically feel something within the first minute. Being that I had a short run with StarkQ T I’m not surprised that I didn’t feel anything while running my custom until about 20 minutes in, but it hit DEEP.

I’m currently feeling an untouchable sense of calm bliss. I want to chill out but I’m still working, I’m however still able to focus on the task at hand while maintaining this bliss.

It feels as if I’m in a flow state, so much to the point where I feel like I’m dreaming. Being that this sub has modules aimed toward being “super alpha” this calm and masculine-like sense of bliss is a nice surprise. It feels as if my emotions, mind and spirit are being cleansed of any and everything that is unworthy of my ultimate self.


Your custom title seems really dominant!

Alpha of Alpha
Leader of men
Total nonchalance
Godlike masculinity



@WhiteTiger Thank you.

It’s currently the middle of the night. Even after around after 12 hours of running the sub my bliss hasn’t faded and I’m currently listening to music, feeling internally, the calmest and happiest I’ve been in weeks.


Maybe it’s my curious ENTP ass that’s asking that. I’ve ran really dominant subliminals in the past, mainly Khan and emperor. I must say that in terms of “feeling good”, it’s strange how there some kind of correlation between being dominant and feeling good. Maybe because you are so much on top of your shit that you have zero stress and can have a good dopamine/serotonine balance!


That actually makes a lot of sense. Whenever I’ve been in a phase of my life where I stayed on top of things, I was more physically and mentally tired from the energy expenditure, but emotionally more tranquil due to problems being solved.

Where as, during times in my life where I slacked off, I’d have more energy but often saw issues getting worse. I’d be happier when messing around but in the end would have to spend extra energy solving an issue that could’ve been prevented or stopped as soon as it formed.

Besides, although being dominant is often not that fun in my experience, you get your way most of the time, especially when you know how to do it without being aggressive and can figure out win-win situations.


Ran a 2nd loop (not for today but overall, sticking with the Terminus suggestion in the FAQ section of the main site). I must say that this sub is SUPER DENSE. Even hours after a loop, I still feel my brain processing the info. Definitely glad I included Pragya as a module. I woke up in the middle of the night; full of energy, played a loop and it had me so mentally tired that I fell back asleep after a little over halfway through it. Not sure if it’s because it’s name embedded, but there’s no exaggeration when I say that this feels denser than when I ran EQ, StarkQ T and 3 ultima programs combined as a stack.

I can already feel certain modules kicking in like pragya, lion iv, carpe diem ascended, total nonchalance, DEUS, Iron frame, the merger of worlds, and unlimiter kicking in, according to how it was described that they work in the Q-store. Of course, this comes from remaining highly introspective and self-aware.


Carpe Diem programming has already been absorbed and began to fully be executed. After a full day of work and only 3 hours of sleep I woken back up, I’ve tackled several house chores and working relentlessly on a project at the moment. I typically work in short intense bursts but I’m powering through like nobody’s business.

Also noticed since starting my sub the other day that I’m starting to like the feeling of being sexually aroused, and actually holding on to the energy instead of having the urge to release and waste it through fapping.


Listened to a loop right after midnight. Planned to stay up until after it was over but it put me to sleep after 20 minutes. This is the first sub I owned that caused me to dream all night. Guess there really was that much info to process.

Dreamt I was back in the military and was running laps on the inside of a church, while some soldiers were getting a lecture. I was running for fun, not out of fear. I was also jumping over people and obstacles. It’s as if I was having a blast testing my own limits, my speed and endurance were also insane. At some point a sergeant finally called me outside when too many people began to complain.

Thought I was being arrested, but instead it turns out he was a detective and was asking me for info for something I knew nothing about. He was quite a courteous fellow and even bought me lunch during the process. This entire dream was lucid by the way, I’ve never been in control of myself for the length of an entire dream.

Had to wake up to take me and my daughter to the bathroom. I woke up super tired and slightly disoriented, lost my balance too but didn’t fall. Probably got up too fast. After about 5 minutes of being awake though I’m back to normal energy levels and sharp mental clarity and motivation.


Just ordered a pair of the sennheiser hd280 pro headphones. Apparently they are studio grade, and so I figured if I’m gonna have a premium subliminal I might as well have a premium pair of headphones to enjoy it with. Read somewhere on this forum before that flat-response headphones are the best for subliminals anyway.

I’m surprised Amazon had em for same-day delivery. Being that’s it’s Labor Day we will day if they actually arrive. Sure a few folks tried scheduling delivery for today.

I have plenty other devices for listening, 11 actually; and although I’ve still gotten good results from those in the past with subliminals, I wonder how much of a difference stepping up my headphone game will make in the long run.


something very odd just happened. I’ve noticed since day one that the hardened edge that i got from previous versions of emperor has been fading. I still exhibit positive masculine qualities but the feeling of a deep seated hostility is faded, gone actually after just 4 days. I was speaking with a patient’s sister, who didn’t have the best attitude. I stood my ground like I usually would, but instead of feeling angry, I felt fear during the interaction. This reminded me of when I was younger and always was afraid to be angry because I knew I was capable of hurting others severely, which is why I avoided confrontations unless absolutely necessary.

This has me dumbfounded. I’ve come across people much worse than her while working. I don’t know why adrenaline starting pumping and I felt fearful. I wonder if this is the first challenge that my custom Emperor is manifesting, but I can’t fix the issue if I don’t know its source. I’ll have to meditate deeply tonight to see if I come up with anything. I hate the feeling of being powerless.


Had no intention of updating today but I just had an aha moment. I’ve been wondering for the past 3 days; why it’s been easier for me to recall information quicker and with less effort than usual, slip into alternate brainwave states almost on demand, and even dream more often, and lucidly. The merger of worlds module is doing its thing.

Q store description:

“A module for bringing closer together your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing for faster execution of the subliminal and clearer communication between the two. You will find new abilities surfacing, a stronger intuition, and clearer vision of the things that are to come.”

In fact on that intuition part, I nonchalantly predicted that my new headphones would be delivered directly to my door at 7 pm sharp. Made that prediction around 5:38 pm yesterday…and sure enough the driver knocked at my door at 7 pm. Damn, this module may end up being more useful to me than I originally imagined. This is also probably why I’m seeing accelerated execution of the program.

I already knew pragya has been going hard as well. I feel almost acclimated to the density of the script by now. Rest days are ahead though so beginning September 13 I’ll be doing two loops every other day to see how things go. Today was my last loop for the first week. I’ll let the sub process over the next 4 days.


Every version of Emperor V4-to Q-now to Terminus- lessons my overt aggression, while keeping the power behind it intact.

The anger from Emperor has been two fold for me-masculine healing and friction against my life to raise competence in dealing with my life.

As the Emperor versions become more potent, masculine healing more smooth and the competence and intelligence increases, the anger seems less needed. Anger has more energy and strength than fear but its still bluster in most cases,

I believe you may be experiencing New Beginnings in Emperor having you go back and deal with what may have been behind your anger, that fear of hurting others, and possibly a fear that is deeper or even behind that…like what will happen to you if you hurt all those around you.


Very insightful post. When I really reflect back on it, it’s a very accurate description of my journey with emperor as far as the feeling of aggression goes. I have yet to discover what about that interaction triggered fear within me.


Not sure why within around 6-8 hours of playing my sub, I feel a craving for another loop. This has been occurring since the 2nd day. Gonna stick to the routine though.

Woke up this morning and scanned through the Q website. Never noticed until today how beautiful the artwork is. Then I jumped out of bed to take the trash out and tackle some house chores. When I went outside, It felt as if I was in a new planet.

The colors and sounds of nature were enhanced to me, I saw the beauty in literally everything. I have to wonder if the Carpe Diem module is instilling the “love of life” within me. I’ve missed that feeling. I relentlessly tackled everything I’ve wanted to accomplish today.


I’ve spent most of today mentally and physically tired. More than likely means the script is still processing. I also manifested a couple random things outta nowhere while putting in efforts today to keep me vibrations high. Despite a couple instances where I could’ve snapped I maintained my composure pretty well.


Woke up in the middle of the night energized and motivated, payed some bills but knew I would suffer if I didn’t go back to sleep since I have work today. When my alarm went off I was dreaming at the time and woke up shocked. Had to meditate intensely just to calm myself back down. Not sure what I was dreaming about but I remember it being somewhat lucid. In any case, I once again woke up excited to tackle the day.

The theme for today is breaking my own subconscious limits. I’ve been manifesting the tools to help with just that left and right, already have six different sources at that in within just 4 hours of being awake. One of those of course is the Unlimiter module that’s already within my custom. I think this has already been happening anyway and I’m just starting to really notice.

See…with just using my custom for one week, I already feel more like the version of me from my early 20’s. I have his ambition, but the knowledge and confidence of my new self. It feels as if a lot of the BS I went through in the past 6 years has not even occurred. I feel more free than ever to be myself, my authentic self. I’ve come to realize that in many ways I let my “darker” side take the pilot’s seat for a while as a defensive strategy against the people I interacted with. I mentioned in an earlier post that things were being stripped away internally, and I was right.

I feel lighter in many ways, you never realize how heavy something was until you no longer are bearing that weight (speaking figuratively and literally). Damn, only one week with a custom and things are already moving full speed ahead, even manifestation wise. I even manifested a new friend with similar spiritual interests apparently.

She’s amazingly kind-hearted and giving. What’s strange is that I actually met her online a couple weeks ago and she just stopped messaging me out of nowhere. Then came back around all of a sudden yesterday. I feel no paranoia about whether or not she’ll disappear again. Simply enjoying the interaction for the moment.

This also confirms an observation that I began as soon as I was done with my very first loop of my custom, my social skills are going back up (thanks Lion IV module). Most of my interactions with others have been meh…many were hostile with people I either didn’t know at all or not very well. Not sure what that was all about. For a week now though, people have been responding to me better in general.


No bad reconciliation symptoms last week so as of today I’m running 2 loops every other day. I had actually woken up in the middle of the night and stayed awake long enough to run 2 loops, then went back to sleep. A clear sign of the script being processed is that every time I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, I had a very clear and lucid dream. I remained in full control of the dream the entire night. I kept picking back up I’m the dream where I left off.

In fact this time I was fully aware of how even time was passing I’m the dream, I even understood the theme and the message. Never had this type of clarity within a dream before. Dreamt I was back in high school and kept getting up to go to the bathroom to change clothes or modify some computer parts on my book bag. I got up at least a dozen times while the teacher was lecturing and showing some video.

Throughout the duration of the dream, I didn’t give a damn about what the class was doing, who saw me or even if anyone was gonna say anything. I simply did what I wanted without fear of consequences. That’s how I know my dream and even my actions within it were guided by my custom subliminal content.

Woke up exhausted which is how I know it was a lot of content pouring into my brain. I’m sure I’ll get acclimated to it over the next few weeks.