Ultimate programmer reverse results?

I started a new cycle yestersay listened to 15 min of paragon and 30 sec ultimate programmer and have stomach pain,something i had pre paragon,is ultimate programmer reversing my results? Why?

The other time i listened to ultimate programmer i listened for 15 min and my results were reversed

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So far you are the only one having this issue, my friend.

Please stop all subliminals and see a doctor.


Perhaps Paragon is bringing to awareness an area that requires attention. It doesn’t mean that Paragon is causing an issue. It is mentioned in the objectives -

  • Find out any potential illnesses/diseases/infections/injuries early.

So, I concur with Lion, if you haven’t already done so, go and get thoroughly medically checked out.


Reverse results?

Not sure @SaintSovereign or myself ever talked, mentioned or even used the term “reverse results”.

We don’t use it because there isn’t such a thing.

There is reconciliation, which clouds your judgment of what is happening. And then there are the simple happenings of life - which could be due to your actions (such as making a bad decision or living an unhealthy lifestyle) or not.

In essence, just because you experience something negative, don’t immediately misattribute it to the subliminal stimuli - especially considering there is nothing in our programs that can cause such an effect.


I know you are the creators of the subliminals but i honestly have seen this reverse my results, whilst listening to a 15 minute loop i noticed i coughed and felt like my asthma came back and all the results i had from paragon were gone in the loop i listened to ultimate programmer, i dont want to say you are wrong but i do want this sub to work for me

Are you only running Ultimate Programmer now? What about running Paragon Complete after Ultimate Programmer?

No i dropped it only ran it twice and both times it reversed my results,i think i will use quantum limitess instead to help with coding

Might be that your Asthma is connected to programming on an emotional basis.
When you’re healing trauma it might resurface the symptoms it’s connected to.

Example: You’re cooking something and suddenly you get the message your precious grandma died. You feel some serious pressure on your chest, breathing is hard.
Now, from time to time you’re cooking something and there’s your asthma attack.
You run Paragon, your body learns how to keep it in check and the symptoms disappear.
Now you’re running Kitchen Mastery x with the New Cooking Experience. Since all the traumata related to cooking are gonna be solved, your subconscious is also resolving the loss of your precious grandma that was linked to cooking. So everything is pulled to the surface again.
But not for good, but to be properly healed.

Just one possibility, but I thought I should mention it.

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Reverse results. Considering you’re on Paragon, it’s possible that you’re going through what is called a “healing crisis”. That’s easier said than the original term for it: The Herxheimer Reaction.

“The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea, or other symptoms.”

I’m not familiar with Paragon since I don’t own it, but from experience I can say healing crisis’ would make people wonder why anyone would do that to themselves.

I’ll give a recent example of my own making. I’ve been using caffeine heavily the last few months since I used it to hide from emotional stress. I’ve been on DR for 2 cycles, and I am in washout after my first cycle of Regeneration.

This last week I ramped up Vitamin C intake quite a bit since I experienced symptoms of adrenal fatigue. This is good, right? Specifically, yes. I’m healing.

But I’ve felt a fever rise a few times the last couple of days. And yesterday and today I’ve almost lost my voice. These are symptoms of the healing process. Not completely comfortable, but I know it’ll pass. I’ve experienced it many times.

I’m strongly guessing that Fire put scripting in to lessen such symptoms with Paragon, but I thought I’d let you know about it.

True and thorough healing can sometimes be difficult for a relatively short period of time.


Good theory but doesnt explain why it only happens when i also listen to it using ultimate programmsr

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It could be a normal emotional reflex. When we do something different our body will react differently (that might be what you call “reverse results” or negative). Or you’re doing unhealthy lifestyle, like eating pizza (junk foods) while doing online jobs. The body doesn’t speak our language, but it has our organs to send the signals to.

You may pause for few days, or think about things what you want to get out of those titles (paragon + ultimate programmer) as if you already have it. Walk in the park. I often listen to the titles and try to forget about it, then I would see the results in unexpected ways. Don’t try to focus on the negative sides.

Herxheimer was actually what I had in mind when I wrote my response. When UPX is healing trauma it could resurface the Asthma as a healing reaction.

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