Ultimate Music Producer module

Thanks @Michel for pointing this one out to me.

@HypeDaddySovereign if you’ve got the time. This module is of huge interest to me. But I can’t really justify spending another 100 just to swap it out with a current module in my custom. I understand the value of the Q build process and how it costs you guys, this is more for me and making smarter financial decisions for myself. So I’m wondering if you have any ideas how I could incorporate this in another custom maybe? Maybe a lighter build that hits from another angle? Maybe using some of my current modules and purchasing a few more. Here’s what I’ve got right now.

Blue Skies
Gratitude Embodiment
Energetic Development XI
Negative Energy Transmutation
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
The Merger of Worlds
Current Invoker
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Joie de Vivre
Sexiness Unbound
Productivity Unleashed

Tempation and sexiness unbound are clearly out because those won’t aid in music production. But maybe the other ones?

My main concern is overdoing it. I seem to have a low threshold with Q subs. If the only real solution here is leaving it out for now I’m alright with that. Just figured I’d ask.


Go with a 10-ish module custom that’s hyper focused on music production and results. Leave out anything else. For example, go with something like:

Ultimate Music Producer
Ultimate Writer (Lyrics)
Trailblazer (Innovation)
The Spotlight (Marketing one’s self on social media)
Ascended Mogul Core (Business)
Results enhancers / creativity stuff.
Beyond Limitless Ultima when you’re about to work.

Then, you can stack or use the upcoming stack rotation guide.


Would “Ultimate Artist” be helpful?

Current Invoker, Joie de Vivre, and Rogue (which you already own) seem like they’d potentially make good contributions.

Current Invoker to attract the flow of artistic creativity and expression, Joie de Vivre to unclench and open out into the joy of creation, and Rogue to add some extra protection against the random opinions that art tends to inspire.

Blue Skies is essential.

The Merger of Worlds seems like it would be great for facilitating communication from the deep mind.

And I might even throw in Omnidimensional. For both creative inspiration and performance/marketing opportunities.


Yes, but I was trying to avoid too many cores. Use either Ascended Mogul or Ultimate Artist. The former will give you more business prowess, less creativity. The latter, the opposite. Both are good choices, depending on your needs.


Much appreciated!

Thanks for the input. Those are good choices. I’ll have to see about Blue Skies. That one I think is pretty heavy. I think I might leave out the healing modules for this light build.

This one I’ll have to give some thought to. I’m leaning towards ultimate artist more though. Even though my business skills are pretty trash, I do value creativity more. I think I have a strong vision of music I want to achieve in my head and that’s the most important thing for me. I think acended mogul would be more immediate in external results but in the end it wouldn’t satisfy me on a deeper level.


Blue Skies is not light. You’re right.

I have a tendency towards building heavy customs.

Is there a list indicating which modules are heavy and which are light?

No, but it is intuitive from the description.

Originally not intended for release, Blue Skies is a profound module allowing the user to glimpse the hidden depths of reality, the secrets about himself he might have been hiding, develop his concept of “Love” – any kind of love, such as unconditional or romantic, and any type, be it internal or external (such as self love), as well as using such seeing beyond the physical veil to take the user’s cognitive, artistic/creative and spiritual abilities to the next level. Now available and useable for the public, Blue Skies can give your subliminal a distinct take that will push your growth continously.

Similarly, observe this description for DEUS

An immense module designed to make any subliminal self-developing and to push it ever onwards in increasing power and efficiency. It will push to the limit all avenues of subliminal input, processing and output, and then continuously develop, pushing the limit further and further. It will also make use of any smaller details needed to do so, such as brainwaves, hormones, energetic systems, etc.

‘A profound module.’ ‘An immense module.’

It’s right there in the descriptions. Same goes for Quantum Limitless Stage 4.

You can even simply run ST4 as a standalone, without running the previous stages (and this applies to any other stage too) – but keep in mind ST4 will likely be intense in such a case (not taking into account individual differences and subliminal experience).

And this one for Alchemist Stage 4.

ST4 – The Alchemist

The final stage, this is where the previous three stages intertwine to create something extremely powerful. The purification of the first stage is included here alongside numerous other additions. You can continue running ST4 for a longer time after you finish the other stages, in order to continue growing spiritually more and more.

Since ST4 is an exceptionally powerful and large subliminal, it is recommended to first run the first three stages – however, experimentation is always welcome at Subliminal Club.

It is often (though maybe not always) in the description. I remember that Emperor’s description was similar too.


Also highly subjective however. I know personally for me Blue Skies is heavy and I know it would serve as a bottleneck in a lighter build. I think it’s hard to say what’s heavy vs light sometimes because different people can handle different amounts.


Exactly. And it’s not just a heavy versus light question. Different people have different dispositions, backgrounds, and issues.

Even a technically ‘light’ program could give me trouble if it directly pinpoints one of my key challenges.

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Truth is, the real reason I know that Blue Skies is not light is from Saint’s descriptions here on the forum when he was still testing it. It was very hardcore. And then they modified it to make it more suitable for the masses. I figured even after that modification it was probably not just popcorn.