Uhm... Aura when stacking Sexual Mastery Q with Aura Q

Does stacking Sexual Mastery Q with Aura Q makes one give off the vibe that he/she is has excellent sexual skills?

In theory, the opposite sex will be able to pick up on this, right?


That very same though is one of the reasons Ive put SM and a couple of auras in my custom.
I considered for a while to buy Aura and stack it with SM, but then the Q store went alive.

Great minds think alike! Waiting for @HypeDaddySovereign and/or @Fire to come give their input :smiling_imp:

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Have you tried it yet?

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No, but I am getting a custom with Primal Q, SM Q, all the aura modules in the Q store (except Aura itself).
I am planning to stack this with Libertine Ultima, Aura Ultima and Godlike Masculinity Ultima as an experiment.

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Aura Q blends with any of the programs.

If you dont mind me asking, what makes you choose Primal instead of Primal Seduction.

@anon2351792: Of course not. I was considering between Primal, Primal Seduction and Primal Seduction Iron Throne (which is currently not in the Q store).

In the end, I went with Primal because it is more consistent with the objective of the sub, which is for people that I find attractive to initiate sex with me solely based on my sexual/primal vibe. I wanted this custom subliminal to have minimal “outer game” components (not saying that “outer game” is not important), which is found in the aspects of Sex and Seduction used to build Primal Seduction.
Furthermore, there is less scripting in Primal as compared to Primal Seduction, which in theory allows for the sub to be integrated better with my subconscious.

Once I run this custom for 4-6 months, I will either switch Primal to Primal Seduction while keeping everything else the same, or get this custom in Terminus. This will depend on my results.

And yes, I am considering a purely “outer game” custom subliminal which has Primal Seduction as a core.

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Thanks!! Very clear explanation wich helps me sort some things with my 2nd custom, I wasnt aware that I was looking for inner game.

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No problem, Primal is Inner Game, Sex And Seduction is Outer Game. If you read the sales page of both, you’ll see this.

And Primal Seduction is a combination of inner and outer game?

That’s my understanding from reading the sales page.


Is Libertine Ultima an upgrade of the old one or is it custom made only?

Upgrade from the old one, but it hasn’t been released.

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Awesome. Is there any release date yet? Also, does this means all the old titles will get the upgrade as well?

Most Stacking Modules & Superchargers, I cannot confirm which ones though. Anyhow I have a feeling that Libertine will be released anytime soon, probably over the next couple weeks.


Ok cool. I bought Godlike masculinity yesterday so hopefully it will get the upgrade soon.

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