UAM ZP V2 - Reborn

Um… so I upgraded my old super alpha male custom and now its in ZPV2 :smiley:

I call it Ultimate Alpha Male for now.

Khan ST4 Q Core - Alpha Male, Social Dominant, Sexual Dominant, Wealth, Unlimited sex etc.
StarkQ Core - Fame, Genius, Billionaire, Visionary, Playboy, Creative.
Power Can Corrupt Q Core - 48 Power of Law, Social Power, Charisma, Social skills, understanding.

Chosen of Venus - Aura of love, generate love, radiate love.
Direct Influencing Aura - Influence people easy, this module is really good.
Transcendental Connection - Positive, deep, good connection.
Dynasty - Build an amazing family, caring, planning, good father etc.
Attachment Destroyer - Let go of bad, negative, feelings, beliefs, be free etc.
All-Seeing - Read everyone easy !
Dragon Tongue - Silver tongue, funny, good talker.
Carpe Diem Ascended - Motivated, driven, ambitions, happy, seize the day, get shit done!
Joie de Vivre - Loving life, my goals!
Productivity Unleashed - Get focused on my goals, get them done.
Natural Winner - Success is the only way!
Pride Unbroken - Feeling limitless worth, prideful.
Temptation - Being mysterious, having sexual aura, energy, sexiness, cockiness.
Lion IV - Being deep calm, relaxed but feeling powerful, like a Lion!, Huge status boost, social, body language.
Godlike Masculinity - Power, Strength, Disciplined, Calm, Masculine like a God.
Alpha of Alpha - Unreal Confidence, Authority, like a Boss, The Alpha of Alpha, Natural Leader.
Iron Frame - Frame Control, Powerful frame.

That’s a powerful cocktail mix, haha :wink:

Already did a 5min loop few days ago and today a 15min loop masked.

Result so far:

My voice have become deeper, masculine.
I am in a more masculine state, assertive, also with GLM I feel more drawn to fighting movies/anime.
Been getting more respect from people.
Um, PCC is like a guiding hand, its tells me the best way to handle people, situations, love this core.
Khan is showing me some colors…
Stark is why i write this shit :smiley:
Started weight training, eating more proteins for recovery, my diet needs and upgrade.

I am looking forward for alpha of alpha to kick in…
I have used this custom before and when everything starts to click it becomes so much fun :slight_smile:

Some recon here and there, like the sub is not working, it’s not going to work! then after a day of recon it starts working and then, its not working again lol, same shit.

The mind is playing dirty tricks, haha…

Anyway I will report stuff when I feel like there is some results, big or small, but I like it BIG :rofl:


does stark affect Khan’s dominance in anyway?
the polarization stuff?
Do you polarize people?


I never noticed the polarizing effects of Khan when I ran it.

As for the other questions, would you please enter a support ticket?


for sure


When Khan is infused with Stark it will make you more social, funny, charming, friendly, famous but also very dominant because of Khan, Great combo.

When first starting out with these two, it can feel like Khan and Stark is weak, but it takes more time.
The dominance will get stronger after some time, so be patient.

With my custom I sometimes questioning if my dominance is too high lol.

I recently added the free love sub and it feels GREAT :grin:


I’m not sure what you mean by this maybe pulverize people? :rofl:

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I mean being a polarizing individual
either they love you or hate you, nothing in between.
like cult leaders


And one may wonder why we call it Cult(ure) :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Day 1 was yesterday and today is day 2 off day :smiley:

Running this custom again.

1 Loop UAM Masked
1 Loop RICH Masked

Always a pleasure to start out with some recon…
It feels like the recon is fading away as my mind, energy, blood is filled with strength & power.

It’s good to be back in a position of powerful being.

I added RICH for the abundance mindset, cash will flow effortless into my life.
And funny thing is RICH is almost like magic for me, it works 100% (for me) :sunglasses:

I am home from work this week because i got an injury in my back.
So now its a good time try out this custom while i relax and recover.

I have got a few more idea’s how to make more cash from home…

Watch me get rich while i sleep haha… here comes the money :rofl:

wow, energy is high!