True Social - Manifesting women?


I’ve been using sub club subliminals on and off for a while now but have just been lurking the forum. Long time subliminal user in general (real sub, submp3s etc).

I have to say, while immediate effects are not obvious, sub club subs have been extremely smooth in their effects (e.g. social king, ascension).

I recently purchased True Social but haven’t really used it. Does it have scripting to manifest women or romance? This is important to me given some recent tough life changes.

Thanks in advance and hello again to the community.


The romance/seduction version of True Social is the Libertine supercharger. That will have the scripting you’re interested in :slight_smile:


Thanks Neurokinetic! Follow up question - Do you know if Libertine will affect my work personality? I don’t want to be hitting on or behaving too differently/inappropriate in the wrong environments.


Libertine will definitely get the women at work intrigued. Depends on what your HR policies are regarding dating.

All the romance subs are suitable for dating, but if you want to manifest, (ie bring suitable women to you) maybe try Khan?

Did you get divorced or broken up with?


Which stage of Khan specifically?

Divorced. After 4 years of marriage to a narcissist. Have to pick up my life again.


ST3 for the manifesting.

Ah, mate, I know what narcissistic women are like. Walking on eggshells, coping with the ego and verbal jabs 24/7 etc. Frankly, you need your balls back, Khan will give them by to you.

ST1 will clean that witch out of you good and proper.


Thanks for your words, Michel. I absolutely relate to the “Verbal jabs and put-downs 24/7”. There was a level of mean-ness (and in parallel, at other times, “shallow lovingness”) that I still can’t comprehend.

It was basically insanity. I have much to share but at this point just want to move towards actionable results.

After lurking so long, you’re all familiar names and this community is so supportive :slight_smile:


The worst thing is you can’t tell anyone about it as a man. She’s only a woman, “man up” etc…

Looking forward to your Khan journey :fist: