Treasure hunter

What sub would you choose to bring out the treasure hunter in you? Usually my conversations fall into the beneficiary/benefactor style. I’m here thinking a pirate after their booty is more attractive.


To clarify what this means…

The treasure hunter finds the treasure the most interesting object to look at/take etc. To find the other person very interesting and full of value, whatnot.

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Primal-presence, appreciation of life, following natural instinct-including curiosity
Primal Seduction presence same+ social skills-knowing how to relate and see what people value
Limitless -learning and if you chose to learn about the value of people
Quantum Limitless same as above
Potentially Alchemist-if it brought out the side of you that valued and saw the beauty/ ‘deeper essence’ of others

How does alchemist fare against reconciliation, as you mention “if it brought”. Is this something specific to alchemist?

Can’t answer that, I’ve never run that one.
I’ve done primal seduction and quantum limitless lite in Emperor
Alchemist has the refinery which balances excess and restrictions-
so if you lack interest in people or there inherent value and you have a subconscious desire
to have that-the refinery may increase your curiosity and natural valuing of people
or vice versa-f you over value people and give away your own power sense of self value-it would increase that.
Why do you want to find other people full of value? For better connection, sense of being related and connected to others, seduction, self entertainment, sales, social success? Knowing that may better orient which sub you could go for.

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Ascended Mogul for opening your eyes to treasure, both material and intrinsic.

For people specifically, Inner Circle and Power Can Corrupt?

I have been running primal as my main sub for several months, I feel it has made me more introverted and certain behaviors are still cemented and polarized into my actions. Something like, live and let live becomes ignore and let ignore, independence become isolation etc. So maybe a reversal and balance would work. The main problem is a lot of the subs have to much extrinsic value scripted in, but I am only assuming this. Things like money/wealth generation etc.

I remember a concept mentioned around emperor, its the “Reality shaping”, I would like to separate my willpower/energy/intellectualization. I guess the most general term is simply high Extraversion.

This is closest to what I want to achieve, I want to eliminate any behaviors that give the impression of superiority/overbearing. If I only see the other person as intrinsically full of value, even if I miss the mark or they really aren’t, I will eventually find the “jewel in the rough” that I would normally pass over due to feigned disinterest or superiority.

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Daredevil + Inner Circle

I would also add Power Can Corrupt so that you are also aware of those that would abuse your good-natured venture

Thanks for the post. I actually like the combo you posted alot, unfortunately don’t have any of them to test.

I had originally discounted IC and PCC due to some abstraction around extrinsic value. :slight_smile: . I will reconsider that and mull it over.

I’m thinking some of the Ultima tracks might help with this too.

To switch the paradigm when looking at people from one that sees them as lacking and needy to one that sees their beauty and interest.

Hmm…I don’t know. But it’s an intriguing question/puzzle and now my mind will probably keep working on it.