Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Ready for another visit to the DUAT (Terminus2).

Took a couple of extra days break. Letting myself ease into it. Seems to pack a punch.

I’ll probably play my next loop as I go to sleep tonight.


Nothing much remembered from last night’s DUAT. I made a nighttime playlist with DUAT Terminus2 followed by AEGIS: Survival Instinct. Just 2 hours at the start of my sleep cycle. I was pretty tired and slept deeply until 7. Hope the earphones stayed in. I don’t even really remember if they were in when I woke up this morning. Think they were.

Mind’s Eye Terminus2 meditation session this morning. Comfortable, if tired.

This is a Day B in my weekly routine. That means 2 to 3 loops of Alchemist and, if it feels right (if I feel right), 1 or 2 loops of PATHS Terminus.

Monday, yesterday, is the busy day in my work routine. About 6 hours of interpersonal commitments of one sort or the other. 3 hour group meeting led by me. Followed by three individual 1 hour meetings. Felt more or less fine.

‘Remember what you want to accomplish there and what you’re about.’


for my two young humans

one of whom (the male one) needs a haircut (from me)


(This is a subjective observation from my own narrow experience, so I don’t know how much it generalizes.)

When you find the subliminal programs that really resonate with you and that are taking you where your life and your nature are really ready to go, you will also find that the reconciliation becomes real.

I seem to be finding that now. It seems to be the combination of Alchemist and DUAT Terminus2

Once more as a reminder.


Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep

To my reckoning, it’s probably Regeneration and Blue Skies that are adding more oomph to this process. Together with Alchemist, the cocktail seems to increase my frequency of existential concern and processing.

Today is a second time that it snuck up on me. One major way that my reconciliation seems to be revealed is through the direction and cast of my thinking.

That’s why it’s a little subtle and sneaks up on me. At first, it just seems like an ordinary line of thinking in which I’m engaged; then at some point, I think, ‘wait a minute…’ and I realize what’s going on.

Interestingly, the last time this happened, I had also run DUAT the night before, and I noticed what was going on after I ran 3 loops of Alchemist. (Well, to be more precise I had run 2 and I was in the beginning of the third. Ended up turning it off about 10 minutes in.)

Today, I got farther. I completed three loops of Alchemist and felt more or less okay. (DUAT, I ran while sleeping the night before.) I then did one loop of PATHS, after an hour or so break, and again I felt ‘fine’.

But as I was preparing to shower, first, I listened to the latest episode of Tim Ferriss podcast, which is a very different sort of episode than usual, and of quite a serious nature. Turned that off to go shower. In the shower, I started to review my life areas that are not where I wish them to be. Didn’t feel incredible despair but felt a ‘quiet desperation’, which was, frankly, somewhat artificial (as these things often are).

Anyway, somewhat in the middle of that stream of reflection, I had the ‘wait a minute!..’ moment, and then I looked at the subliminals and my mind like:


“You’re good.”

“I see what you guys are doing.”

Anyway, so it strikes me that you have to take it all as a whole. If the triumphs are real, the challenges are going to be real too.

And so, here we are.


I generally think of human beings as being too ignorant to qualify for my hatred. It would be like hating a guinea pig. We’re generally just not wise or intelligent enough. We’re barely aware of what we’re doing.

The traumas that people cause to each other. They arise out of selfishness, ignorance, egocentrism.

While it is true that we can be caught in the waves of evil and some so much so that they become willing puppets to it; it also seems true to me that we’re just not wise enough to be evil itself.

People are not just naturally wise, ascendant, and great. Just like you are not simply born knowing calculus or how to build a microwave oven. It’s something you have to work to achieve.

You are beneath my hatred. You’re too stupid. You’re not evil. You’re ignorant. A fool with the power to cause harm.

I am probably beneath your hatred.

And so, how to respond to those who cause me damage, pain, and trauma?

Well, being ignorant myself, I’m likely to respond with anger, reactiveness, and even hatred. And in doing so, I have allowed the lowness in you to call forth the lowness in me.

A wise person recognizes the process of mental projection, and works over time to take ownership and responsibility for what is being projected. That is a project of centuries, not decades.

To the degree that I am successful in gathering and owning my projections (without pretending that ownership equals control), I can focus on tending and healing myself rather than ascribing my process to you or someone else. Even if my projections are continuous and intermingled with you.

One way to begin is by contacting perception and staying with it.

(These are thoughts while listening to and processing this:


And I noticed that the time on the first photo was 1:11 and the time on the second was 2:22.


I’m pretty sure that DUAT (most likely in combination with the powerful manifestation-related elements in my other subliminals) is manifesting experiences to support me in working through trauma and trauma-related issues.

The plan for this week is to move to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1 loop, 3 nights per week listening schedule with DUAT Terminus2. If this feels right then I may lock it in like that.


:thinking: the career question for the INFP may be: ‘What do you believe in?’


what is the career question
for INFJ?
and for ENFJ?

Everyone will have a valid opinion on this but I really seem to swing both ways on this one.


what do you believe in? :slight_smile:


This subtle deeper thinking, existential awareness leads to some of the most profound transformations in my experience.
There’s no bluster or state reaction, a simple reorientation and shift of everything from that moment on.
Quite desperation sounds like a ‘helplessness’ surfacing and being healed, as you clearly saw through it.


The INFJ’s dominant function is introverted intuition, and this is filtered through extraverted feeling.

maybe: What are the human questions that compel me?

The ENFJ’s dominant function is Extraverted Feeling and this is supported and organized by introverted intuition

maybe: Who needs my guidance and insight?


@Malkuth, how you extrapolated that through the conceptual understanding of functions and filters is genius.

Both those questions are two driving forces, consciously and unconsciously, in my life.
The first question inspires me, the second directionalizes me-(I made that word into a transitive verb)


I’m confronting a certain vagueness within myself around this question that is irritating me.

I suspect that the problem is I’m trying to use thinking to respond to a doing question.

I’ve had this notion for a while that there are thinking (i.e., conceptual-analytical) questions and doing (i.e., subjective-experiential) questions. Wise people, I’ve figured, are adept in knowing when to use which kind of question.

Intellectual introverts typically get tripped up by this. So smart that they’re dumb. They’re strong in conceptual-analytical reasoning and so it becomes a hammer that they apply to the world’s nail. The antidote for such people is to turn conceptual-analytical reasoning upon itself. Eventually, it realizes its inherent limitations and this opens up the person to a larger world of experiences. The movie Good Will Hunting shows what that might look like.

In the past, when I was younger, I felt that “I Know What I Believe” because i restricted myself to a conceptual-analytical sphere of inquiry.

With growth and time, life throws you the challenge of engaging the question in a wider sphere, beyond exclusively ‘philosophizing’.

Hmm…so, I think that any words that I might use to respond to your question would not be quite right, because my job now is to respond through doing. But the question ‘What do I believe’ can guide and orient my actions so I don’t just wind up lost and overwhelmed (as may have sometimes happened to a…good friend of mine). Just asking for a friend!


so you believe in clarity :slight_smile:

you believe in the right tool at the right time

you believe in something deeper than the intellect

you believe

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” (Tractatus 7)

you believe it’s time to demonstrate something new to yourself rather than conceptualizing

lmao :joy::joy:

Ok sorry if that was annoying, I’m not actually assuming any of those things, just having fun.
what you believe in will be demonstrated through your actions and staying with the inquiry may inform those actions.


infj to become a guru/expert, understand (Ti)

enfj to get to the top of an existing hierarchy, get wealthy (Se)

both types change society from within existing structures, gravitate towards important people. Collectivist/centralized.

This is a good strategy to attract your dual.

Organization of the physical world according to the experience of the individual, to be cultured. (Si)

Gravitate towards community of like minded people. Individualistic/decentralized.


Is it possible to be involved, simultaneously, with several major projects?

Yes, it is.

But be aware that, if you keep adding more and more to your load, at some point your personal threshold, or limit, will have been reached and you will be overwhelmed. At that point, not just one but all of your projects will suffer.

So, if desired, work on several projects at once; but budget your energy and resources so as to sustain commitment, motivation, and effort over the long-term.

(a little note to me from my higher self)


Yesterday and today have wound up being subliminal-light days. After the morning meditation, not much else.


Last night was my next planned time to use DUAT T2 Heal in Sleep. Got to bed and realized that the battery on my phone was low so plugged it in to add some charge. Laid down for a moment to give it a minute to get more power.

And then it was morning.

So, I’ll visit the DUAT tonight instead.

After doing one Mind’s Eye Terminus2 meditation this morning from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM, I did not play another subliminal until about 6:45 PM when I played one loop of Alchemist.

I think the rest-time today freed up a bit of energy for outwardly productive work. I noticed a slightly increased sense of focus and initiative.

Learning how to navigate all of this over time.

Anyway. Tonight I plan to visit the DUAT. And since I only heard one loop of Alchemist during the day, I may add 1 to 2 more loops of that. Maybe that’s enough.

Duat (1 loop)
Alchemist (1-2 loops)


Wow, Regeneration and Blue Skies are doing a number on me. Memories coming back strong. Remembering people I loved. Listening to music from when I was a child and the world seemed enchanted.

Crying tears of bittersweet gratitude :pray:t4:


This is nuts