Too Dense / Strong Subs


I see several people here post about subs being “too dense” / “too strong”.
What are the symptoms for that? I am not sure what is the signal I should use to “tone down” the sub?


Excellent question hopefully others can chime in because im wondering now


I think it is about the time a subliminal needs to produce measurable results. Emperor is a very heavy one for example.
Or it can also mean that people feel the reconciliation process of the subliminal knocks them down. But I guess thies varies, since i havent noticed that much from emperor


You’ll know when a sub is dense. Lethargy and a feeling like your head will explode. Like learning a new language, brain surgery and applied mathematics in seven hours…

(Results may vary, of course)


EDIT: What Michel said, but in my usual style of too many words. :slight_smile:

Every sub contains many instructions for your subconscious to act on. Some are relatively easy to do, others are more complex.

To the subconscious it is like walking through water. The more difficult the instructions are, the deeper you are in the water and the more resistance you feel. Or like reading a children’s book vs reading the local tax laws. Or fully understanding this post.

If you only get 10 minutes to get through that water (or book), you may not make it to the end the first time. But every time you get a little bit better and one day you’ll make it to the end. But until you do, you’ll have to spend extra time every day to work on it. Same goes for the subconscious. The audio player doesn’t slow down, so until your subconscious helps you align fully with the instructions, it needs to spend extra time each day to “train” you.

If you are an Olympic athlete listening to Spartan, chances are there’s not a lot to do, you’ve already done most of the changes in your life and the sub is easy. Little reconciliation or exhaustion. But if you’re so overweight you get featured on Oprah, it’ll take a long time to make Spartan easy.

When a sub is described as dense, it means there is expected to be a lot of changework in there. A lot of instructions that will shape you into a better version of yourself. Taking more time and causing mental exhaustion and reconciliation along the way. But every day we get a little bit further, until finally we make it through all the instructions in the sub without any of them going on the mental ToDo list. The subconscious can check them all off and relax.

A sub like Emperor may be heavy, but someone like Elon Musk may breeze through it wondering if it does anything for him. He could add on more subs without problems. To most of us, Emperor contains enough to keep us occupied for a long time.

If you understand all the above, you’ll also understand why SubClub doesn’t forbid anyone to combine lots of subs, we only caution them. Some people have less work to do than others and can handle more subs. I usually recommend to start with one and add others on after running it for a while, feeling out what it does to you, slowly building a stack.

You can also understand why Saint is experimenting with the new listening schedule containing rest periods. Giving the subconscious time to get through the ToDo list without being bombarded with more work.


As always, beautifully described. Have you ever considered writing poetry?

I really dont want to brag about this but sometimes I actually thought the same. Since I have done a lot of reintegration and trauma healing prior, I would argue that this takes alot off the way.
Until now it feels very smooth. Oh and I’d say it maybe also have to do with your priorities.
I think Emperor is like a laser, I like the analogy somehow. It is powerful, but you have to aim it at something. If it is women, it will help resolve the blockages in this area, if it is money, it will do the same there etc. This is just an assumption and I’d be happy to hear your opinion guys.


I never read something like this in any journal. Definitely emperor helps with everything as it seems like an all around sub but i think it is focussed on business


True but i feel like you have to put effort and intention in it and know what you actually want. I made the mistake that i layed around and waited for emperor to do something. I dont doubt that other life areas are affected aswell, but in my experience you notice best results when taking action onto something specific.


Yes i agree. Subclub’s already wrote that you have to take action first