To what the extent subclub subs help in manifesting luck


Keeping it pretty vague but I am in a situation where I get possibilities which are not in my hands and it ll be based on how lucky I get. How much Do the major programs,(quantum , emperor)help in manifesting luck in their particular fields?


As far as I know they manifest opportunities, not luck.


This is going to depend on your concept/theory of luck and of how that luck concept relates to the 道, or the pattern of how circumstances actually play out in the phenomenal world.

My inclination is to look at it like this:

Carl Jung describes ‘synchronicity’ an ‘acausal connective principle’. A kind of pattern under the pattern. A person who is able to remain aligned with that principle will appear, to normal people, to be ‘lucky’.
As far as that goes, there’s no reason why a person would not be able to sensitize and become more aligned with that principle.

And remember the famous quote from Arthur C Clarke: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’.

That’s an intellectual understanding. As far as actual practical experiences go, what I can report is seeing a ton of repeating numbers, singing songs that then come out of the radio or computer, and seeming to call people I’m close to ‘at the right time’ with greater than random frequency.


Alchemist helps tremendously with manifesting power. Negative energy clearing, positive energy cultivation, subconscious blocks removal and etc. this helps manifesting a lot.

The more you are in tune with yourself and Field (Universe, God or etc. whatever you name it), the more you calm inside then more synchronicities and lucky events occur.


This was one of the main things I was looking for but I didn’t see that much info on alchemist. If it helps with manifesting I needs that. Lol