To Be or Not To Be - Paragon's Journal


Hello everyone,

I bought the Limitless sub a few weeks back and just got Ascended Mogul. I was originally planning on getting Ascension + Mogul but I purchased the Sex and Seduction Sub while it was on sale, it was too good of a value to pass up. I’m on a strict budget and Ascended Mogul should give both benefits of running each sub side-by-side anyway even if does take longer for results to show. Also, I want to have room to possibly add another sub down the line.

What I want the most right now is more attention and opportunities with women as well as find a job and make a great living. My tentative plan is to listen to Ascended Mogul and Limitless for at least 3 months before adding a skill-based subliminal and then ultimately either Emperor or (Sex Mastery-Sex and Seduction-Primal).

I couldn’t run Limitless for an entire week and a half as my high-quality speakers weren’t available although it is now. Join me on my journey to document results, realizations and etc. Happy listening to all SubClub members!


Hey @Paragon, how is it going one year later? Curious to hear what happened with your experiment, if you are willing to share of course.


I just realised this is from 1 year ago lol. Thought he is a newbie :joy: