To be clear, subliminal language learning is fake, right?


I saw some videos on youtube, 8 hour videos to teach you a language while you sleep.

This is nonsense right?


Only one way to find out, but most things will not work if you reject them right away


What if I told you it’s not? :smiling_imp:


I wouldn’t be surprised.


@Voytek can you post a link for those language YT vids? Interested


Not really nonsense, this is quiet possible.


Gentle reminder not to post links to competitors (yes, even the free ones) in the forum :slight_smile:


It’s YT though subs and not actually a competitor. I see YT links posted here all the time


@Sigma11 - @Voytek is right. Youtube links are fine. But not of youtube subliminals. You could private message each other though.


I assume a sub could help you learn a language, but you’d have to be actively working on learning the language as well.


I did some light reading on the topic a few weeks back. Not nearly enough to come into any clear conclusion about it. So do your own research if you are interested.

It does help, but only when you have also gone through the material consciously before hand. Then it can be highly effective.

I did not find anything about audios where they first say it in english and then in the language you want to learn. But I spent only about an hour looking into this, so you might want to do your own research.


Omelette du fromage!

So, who got that reference? :wink:


It is said that you can just listen to a language being spoken for 72 hours straight. And then you will be able to understand it.

A better way is to immerse yourself in the language by moving to the country where it is commonly spoken.


By “straight” do you mean 72 hours consecutively? That’s 3 days…


It’s a BS, man.