Hey guys,

So I’ve really been thinking lately about the custom I’m going to have - especially the now the new Emperor: House of Medici module is available as, whilst my app work isn’t based on stocks or anything like that, you are required to trade and win to get the best rewards etc.

I could really use some help to build this subliminal to suit my goals, which is to massively focus on building wealth and getting rid of limits that are holding me back.

Initially I was going to make my cores: Khan, Stark and EoG as it’d kind of give me what I want however I think it’s best to keep Khan and Stark out of the custom entirely as I believe I’ve built a great foundation with Stark and I’m currently using Khan.

So I have two major cores I’m thinking of using:

Emperor: House of Medici and EoG.

I’m assuming going for EoG stage 4 would be best, right? Also, instead of using Stage 1of EoG - as I believe I’ve got a lot of limiting beliefs regarding wealth, I could use Wealth Limit Destroyer to do pretty much the same thing to open up one of my major cores.

So, now what do I use for my extra Major Core?

I teach dance which I have to promote to get the students in each week, and I also teach a dance company that I own every week which I want to build and make more money from.

I really just want to be exploding with wealth and have no limiting beliefs stopping me. I don’t want to be worried about money anymore.

Besides those three cores, Unrelenting Wealth and Energy Motivation and Financial Success Reality Shifter I don’t really know what else to add. I was thinking result enhancers and ways to manifest it quickly as wealth has been a huge problem in my life and I want to get it sorted as quickly as possible.

Any help and input would truly be appreciated.

P.s, I’ll most likely be keeping Stark/Khan in my stack rotation.


You have many options. But remember that you dont need 3 cores. 3 is the maximum.

Emperor: HoM is a dense/heavy core, pairing it with EoG stg 4 (another heavy core) may not be the best idea. Consider switching it to something easier like Mogul.

Modules wise, consider adding the “Limits Removal” series in addition to Wealth Limit Destroyer: Atman, Potentiator, Unlimiter.

Throw in Sultan and the rest if the wealth modules, inner circle and the big 3 result enhancers: DEUS, Omnidimensional, Yggdrasil and you have a great custom to be a very rich man.


If you want to keep Khan/Stark separate
you could always just leave two cores in EOG/ and Emperor HOM
You could also do EOG stage 4 and EOG Stage 1 along with HOM
I believe EOG stage 1 Core would be more effective at removing limiting beliefs around money than Wealth Limitation Destroyer alone.
Last option that could work well in my opinion is EOG Stage 4/ Emperor House of Medici/ and Power Can Corrupt-- That would have you in a very solid Wealth and External Power/influence and you’ll still be raking in the internal power from Stark/Khan


This is truth, however I really did want both as otherwise it feels pointless making the sub without either. I do understand though, would be a lot to process. I did consider Mogul as my third core too but now after you’ve stated about the first two possibly being over welcome I’m having complete second thoughts.

I’ll take a good look at the ones you suggested, didn’t think/see them ones as I think I purely browsed the wealth section.

Will I need Inner Circle if I’d still be listening to Stark?

Thanks for the help for sure!

Yeah I don’t see the point in wasting it on those cores when I have the full pack of Khan and Stark. I’m trying to use what I don’t have.

Besides Mogul, when I was writing the post I initially thought of EoG Stage 1 and 4 but thought Wealth Destroyer would free up a space, but EoG 1 would be better.

I’m not entirely sure. @SaintSovereign, would you be able to chime in on this? Is that too much?

I’d lower my Stark/Khan loops throughout the week and mainly have the focus on my subliminal anyway.

You’ve made me want to add Power Can Corrupt but isn’t that also partly in one of the main titles I’m already using? Maybe not fully but even so.


I would personally recommend keeping a sub as focused as possible on a single goal, if possible only using one core. In your case, maybe EOG4 and EOG1 would suit your goals the best. Those are meant to work together and shouldn’t pull you in too many directions at once.


Up to you, elements of PCC are in House of Medici and Stark
however for the full effect you’d need to run PCC
The most notable benefits of the full effect are awareness and intuition around others intentions,
when they are deceiving you or attempting to manipulate you, and when you are doing that to yourself or others. I’ve found it also gives an uncanny ability to do, say , and act the right way at the right time, and boost in persuasion, influence, status, charisma, likability, and attention. How to navigate external power dynamics and come out on top.


I completely understand this thinking for sure and makes sense however for someone like me, I feel it defeats the purpose. Of course I could get it name embedded and make it super focused on myself with just EoG but a custom for me allows me to have several things helping me at once on a singular goal that I have. Not sure if that makes sense. I know the outcomes of each are different but they’d all help in different ways?

I’m really starting to like the suggestion you gave of EoG Stage 4, Power Can Corrupt and House of Medici in the custom. It might be hella dense but I think I’ve built up the foundation with Stark/Khan enough to lower the loops on them and use this as my main sub and bringing them in maybe a couple times a week for maintenance.

I feel like this may be the custom now.


  • EoG Stage 4
  • Emperor: House of Medici
  • Power Can Corrupt


  • Wealth Limit Destroyer
  • DUES
  • Omnidimmensional
  • Yggdrasil
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  • Finanical Success Reality Shifter
  • Either Unlimiter or Natural Winner.

What’s our thoughts?

I’ve kept it at 10 due it being my free custom from testing Ultimate but may be able to add a couple more. (Even that, ‘may be able to add’ - I’d rather know that belief isn’t there and that I can buy more if I want to).


Looks great
Go with resonant and calls to you,
I would add Sultan, tyrant, overdrive for sure- and if you choose Merger of Worlds, Pragyaa, Dominion
I’ll be stacking with a similar custom in the future
but I’m starting with EOG Stage 1—


I believe this makes sense, because otherwise we would just be buying the regular subs (with name-embedded planned in the future). However, I think that on a higher-order it would still be nice to be able to write a story based off of the modules contained.

For example, this selection can have a story related to wealth and making sure nobody undercuts you. Another example is my custom which I believe is about what I can do for myself, not only in the midst of quarantine and away from people but also any time, because the modules in there reflect some underlying ever-present interests—such as fitness and the need to be a lifelong learner.


I’ll be running an EOG/ House of Medici/ PCC custom in the coming months.
I’ll start with EOG Stage 1 though
I’m calling the custom …Legend // if you have a better name though I might copy that :slight_smile:


I’ll check these out now and see if I resonate with them.
Thanks for the input on the extras.

I’m glad you agree. As soon as I thought about it I just thought I should just go ahead and buy the major version instead but I want something that’ll attack everything, pretty much anyway.

I like your ‘stories’ way of thinking, it makes a lot of sense this way. I also like the story you just gave about my possible custom. Thanks for that dude.

  • I had a quick check regarding your custom, it clues up a lot of things and I could see how it would be working for you. Excited to read into it properly!

Ohhhhh lets get it together man.
Why’d you choose EoG over Stage 4?

I mean, obviously healing effects and all but maybe that’s what I should choose if House of Medici is going to target the wealth portion anyway? Makes sense that way, right? I just don’t want to miss out on anything.

What could be better, EoG Stage 1 + EoG Stage 4 + House of Medici
PCC + EoG Stage 4 + House of Medici

Hmmmm, you’ve got me thinking now.
I know I definitely have bad beliefs towards wealth for sure.

Also, only name I came up with was House of Legendary for yours because of your original title and Legend haha.


haha I love that!
That be pretty cool to run a similar core custom as someone else while both journaling.
The thing is I have a whole game plan carefully planned out.
I’m replacing Emperor with custom Emperor/Sex Mastery in Terminus this week (I’ve been holding out for more modules in Q store :smirk:)
then I was going to add Minds Eye/QL custom and then add Legend. The plan was to add them each after a few weeks to a month and was gonna do Legend last. I may be down to add Legend in earlier.

EOG Stage 1 I see as super important -yeah I’ll have to get the custom remade for $100 to switch to Stage 4 but it’s worth it to have both stages in custom for me. EOG is really deep level wiping the floor clean with negative wealth programming, consciousness, and patterns. Supposed to be even deeper for wealth than what Khan Breakdown can touch. I’d rather run that for a month or two to clear deck and then get more out of Stage 4 then jump in and not be as ready.


Maybe you’ll use that name?

  • Yeah I’m also waiting for more modules - especially since they released House of Medici and say about there being more of them.

I think EoG 1 will be the best to start with. I didn’t know you could pay a 100 dollars and get it changed, if you can.

I still don’t know what to go with now. Maybe EoG Stage 1 and 4 + HoM.

Works everything I personally need I think.


$99.00 is the Q fee for all built customs :wink:
Once you license a module it’s “yours.”


Ahhhh, so I could start out with Stage 1 and HoM and get that replaced with Stage 4 when I felt ready, right?



it’s $100 build fee in Q- so if your just adding one module but keeping the rest of the sub the same it would be $115 dollars-$100 build fee+ $15 for the new module since you’ve already licensed all modules in the original sub.

I would read the store copy and go with what your most drawn too/ which would match your goals more

Pure wealth without PCC might have things go faster, but PCC might net some great connections or save you some setbacks.


Wait no. Actually, $99.00 Q Fee + $14.99 per module (you don’t already license)
Who knows, may be you will want to opt to change builds then: T’ $49 or T² $75

EOG ST1 sounds good right now. I’m going to stack it.


I would recommend that you really think about what modules you want in your custom given the price and the length of time you will be running it. I have noticed that many have gone through many customs by now and I feel this is due to not carefully thinking the options through, as well as what one’s goals and priorities are.


So true! If you were an early adopter like myself, navigating,
choosing and manually counting modules was a task.
I missed Sexual Manifestation :joy:

They have re-categorized modules now.


I didn’t know that, I haven’t really looked too much into the Q store. I did when it first opened and every now and then but didn’t know things could get upgraded via a build + module fee. Interesting. That actually makes things easier too.

  • Yeah, going to keep scrolling through and have real look and see what pops out for sure. It makes it easier knowing the above can be done and that I can switch out modules.

Most definitely, I don’t want to go through several customs unless they’re for different kinds of goals.

That’s why initially my focus when I first even thought about a custom was Stark + Khan Stage 4 + EoG Stage 4 because I wanted one thing that would hit everything I wanted that was in line with my goals - The Super Wealthy Playboy Alpha.

However I have both Stark and Khan and it seems pointless to be making a sub out of what I have already besides cutting down time.

I just know that I want massive wealth and that I have a lot of work to be done in that area.

Modules wise I’m finding it a struggle on what to choose. Just gotta go back through and look a bit more.