Titles still available in all versions?


Hi im playing with the idea of buying regeneration and pcc to stack with khan

Regeneration with khan st1 and
Pcc beginning with st2

I read about awesome growth using these titles.
Need to do deep healing to make a better progress.

Are these titles still available in all versions or only q?


i believe only Q. Saint made a post once all titles were updated to Q that the older versions would be removed from our accounts by a certain date, which has past iirc.


Damn, any chance how i can get the older versions too if i buy them @SaintSovereign ?


To tag him, put his name directly in front of the “@”, ie @SaintSovereign.

Out of curiosity, why do you want the older versions?


I tried Eq with i think around 8hs at daytime masked and 8hs at night on two devices at once with very good progress. No fatigue no cloudness in my head.
I switched to starkq coz of the social impact which will benefit me more for the future and added PSQ to the stack after a week. Listened the same amount but got pressure on my throat when i listen to the subs.
I know the q titles are much more powerfull than the older ones and i overdid it for sure.
Made a decision to switch to the old khan version which i bought months ago and never ran before.
Thinkin to break all shit down at first with khan before deepening some aspects of my life with other subs. I read which remarkable progress guys were making with the older versions and started my journey and the pressure on my throat ist gone.


I think it’s safe to say the answer will be “no”

SubClub wants to move forward, not backwards. Plus, doing it for one person may open doors for many more requests.

Running Q, start with one loop, working up to more if you feel right about it.


What @DarkPhilosopher said.

If they’re getting such good results pre-Q, imagine what listening to it now with optimal exposure will do.


Does the pressure in the throat happen with ultrasonic or masked? I’m asking because I get the same, but usually with ultrasonic and it goes away immediately when I turn down the volume. It can happen with masked as well, but in that one it’s easier to figure out the right volume for you.


It happens with masked


Try turning down the volume, then. It might not be caused by overexposure, but by having the volume too high. It works for me at least…


Thx, i will try


Q is much stronger then the old version trust me it just depends on how long you use it and how you use it.


Works good so far with 6 or 7 loops during the day, nothing at night.

Noticeable effect already :+1:


6 to 7 loops of Q?yoh that’s alot I feel…


Yo, works fine for me, but with breaks in between


I run one loop a day and after about 4 days I feel exhausted …drained …