Tips for making your own subliminals?


Hi, I want to experiment with making subliminals for myself and I’ve done my research to get a basic idea on how to make them, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips to making effective subliminals?

If saint or fire want to chip in, just know I’m not asking for trade secrets or anything, wouldn’t expect you guys to tell me how you make your own, but I just want to make some that are as if not more effective than the top rated channels on youtube.

There have been plenty of situations where subliminal channels have been caught putting in negative affirmations and I just don’t trust youtube for subs anymore.

Thanks (:


Language. The most important part of it is language. Study up on how to write proper affirmations/questions/challenges, in a way that the subconscious will run with it in a positive way. Leave no room for a negative interpretation.

Only once you have the language down, you should start improving the delivery method.


Guys, seriously – while I understand you’re not trying to get trade secrets or create competition, other people’s intentions aren’t as altruistic. We’re currently dealing with a lot of BS from pirates, scammers and other unsavory characters. This thread is pandora’s box. Apologies, but I have to close it.

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