Time Window for switching back to multi Stage after break


I wonder if there is any info about a possible time window to switch back to a multi stage sub after break. For example i started my subclub experience with KHAN and finished Stage 1 and 2 after one month on each stage. This was four months ago. I am thinking of swapping emp4 to KHAN 3 now or is it better to rerun KHAN 1&2 for a while?
Competitor with foundation files are talking about 6 months. Also valid for subclub subs?


For such a situation, I recommend this plan which lets your subconscious guide you for the best outcome and what you need most:

  1. Listen to Khan ST1 for a couple of days. If you feel no effect, it means that stage has done all it can for you, and you can move on to a later stage. If you still feel cleansing and release happening, then stay with Khan ST1 until you don’t feel its effects anymore.
  2. Listen to Khan ST2 once you feel ST1 doesn’t affect you anymore. See during the first couple of days whether you feel the reprogramming going on, or whether it feels absolutely fine. If it’s fine, then go directly to Khan ST3. If you feel that heavy feeling of reprogramming happening, then stay with Khan ST2 until it has done its job.

This is the standard process that would lead to best results. However, there is a very important question for you to answer @Hannibal :

  • What changed in your goals to encourage you to switch from Emperor v4 to Khan ST3? Is there any specific reason?


While running Khan ST1 did you ever came to a point where you did not feel it’s effects anymore?


Do you mean that after that the sub has done its job? I’d imagine the scope of ST1 for any cleansing and releasing is much broader than what could possibly be done in a month or two. Or any seeming ceasing of clearing effects is just a plateau, a completion of one stage of healing before beginning the next?


Hey @FireInTheSoul,

I got 3 different meanings from that question you asked, so I could answer 3 different things.

Could you clarify that question, so that I have a better idea of what you’d like to know more about? :slight_smile:



I’m actually in a similar situation as the OP. I ran Khan ST1 in the past for a month. I recently came back to it and the second day I started to feel its effects on me. I made it my personal goal this year to be one of healing, releasing and letting go. I’ve had this realization a while ago that I need to focus on those things primarily. So I’ve decided to run Khan ST1 much longer than what could be considered standard. My question was, is it really that after, say, one month ST1 stops clearing and working or is it that it is just readying itself for a second pass of cleansing after giving us a little break?


Isn’t it a bit hard to say whether ST1 would do any more? I’d imagine for that to really be the case, most people would have to run it for a long time (~year). Otherwise you wouldn’t have people doing things like going back to ST1 or stacking ST1+ST4 at some point.


Thanks for the info. After reading all the answers its maybe a good idea to stack ST1+ST4 instead of running ST2 ST3. ST4 includes ST2 and ST3 but not ST1. This could be a good solution. If this is too heavy i can go back to ST1 and ST2 only for a short period of time.

The goals didnt change but i dont know if empv4 or KHAN is better for me. Have to try both until i have a feeling which sub is better in the long run. The subs are not too different in their goals. We will see.


I am actually running Khan ST1 + ST4 + Rebirth or Limit Destroyer. Started that this weekend, hoping to see some great results from it. Probably will switch once Emperor v5 comes out. And during sleep i run emp fitness st1 just to help with better sleep.


Thanks for the info. I started with KHAN ST1+ST4 and QL4 yesterday.
After 145 loops of empv4 and 135 loops of QL1.
Will update my journal and i am very curious about your results.


Yes and maybe its better to run ST1 on a continuous base to clear out all new stuff that will happen on the way. Maybe a good idea.


I can envision doing 1 loop of ST1 with N loops of ST4 in the future when I’m done running through my plan and before I do any other plan.


The way how subliminal club products are scripted it is very unlikely that a sub will lose its effect or you reach a threshold where “that stage has done all it can”.

I feel like with subs (e.g a Regeneration subliminal) it goes like this:

In the first 30 days you get a lot of results. This could mean you start to care less about what people think. Maybe you get the breakthrough where you realize that the only person that you should care about their opinion of you is yourself. You feel empowered, you are getting other effects / more breakthroughs, and maybe decide to move on.

But when you stick with it, you will reach a plateau phase. Days will go by and you don’t really feel different. Maybe reconciliation hits you and you decide to switch. “The sub isn’t doing anything anymore”

Again 1-2 months later (3 months in total), you hit a problem or something new happens, and it can have two outcomes. You either realize that you know really integrated the new belief OR (what is most likely) you “fail” and you realize your old breakthrough wasn’t so deep as you thought. In the example above, you realize that you still care what some other people say. Before running the sub you cared 100%, after one month 50% (even though you thought you cared 0%), and after that crisis 20%.

This cycle repeats itself.
It is very unlikely that you overcome 20 years of negative social training in just one month. St1 will not lose its effect even after 6 months.

The sub must be aligned with your goals. It doesn’t make sense when you study 15 hours a day and you run Khan St1 for your sexual insecurities, and don’t have time to journal etc. You should switch subs when they are not aligned with your goals. There are times for healing and there are times for solely taking action… But the sub never has done all it can (if you are willing to take action on it).


I agree. Thank you.


Really insightful info:ok_hand:


Can you please share more experiences with regeneration…I am running that at the moment


Never ran Regeneration, only Khan Stage 1