Time to Adjust Cloudflare settings?

As a user who sticks around on the forums for a while (read: likes to keep a tab open) I find the DDoS protection breaks the experience of using the site. Unfortunately, pressing back or trying to go to a different section of a site after coming back to the tab doesn’t work. Instead I get “oops, sorry.” All I can do is then reload and start from the current page or even the forum main page.

Perhaps we can change the setting back to what it was previously!


I agree, usability definitely dropped hard. Especially on mobile when I come back every now and then.

On desktop I can just reload the site, but on mobile it always brings this “oops” thing and that’s annoying :smiley:

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+1 for this… unless the bot attacks are still going on and we just don’t see it, then… carry on I suppose lol.

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Objection, Your Honor! Joke is in bad taste and @-tagging the subject of the joke is just adding intentional insult to injury. Post deleted.


I thought it was just my system acting up. Guess not. I’ll have to ask if they did indeed change that setting.

But doesn’t this belong in Site Feedback?

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@DarkPhilosopher yes it does! Moved it.

Thanks. And you’re right. It gets kinda annoying. :slight_smile:

Bumping this, I do notice it daily

It seems that the settings have been adjusted. @DarkPhilosopher can you confirm? If so, I’d like to request this thread be closed.

No word about it from the guys, but I no longer have to refresh every 5 minutes. It seems to work like before.

I’ll close it but if it comes back again and I still remember this thread I’ll reopen.

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