Those who have used ascension, godlike masculinity, or mogul has it helped with productivity and procrastination?


So my current stack is khan stage 1 that i listen to mostly when i sleep but alot during the day as well. Through out the day i listen to GM 2 to 4 loops and about 2 loops of mogul. My motivation to clean my act and life situation up is very high. Placebo? Is it because of the GM ? mogul ? Khan st 1 ? Who knows. I dont care about girls all i care about is raising my smv and making money.
I feel like ascension and mogul are the forgotton products primal as well.everyone goes for emperor, khan, primal seeduction etc but the smaller ones seem to be just as powerful.
So my question is those of you who have used ascension, mogul or godlike masculinity what can you say about procrastination and productivity while listening to these?
I listen to a few loops of GM and mogul each day and it feels like its helped me overcome the not wanting to do anything under khan st1


So I’m using GLM ans Ascended Mogul right now and though my procrastination hasn’t changed much my productivity seems to be higher. What I mean by this is I don’t feel any extra urge to start doing this but once I do start, or even get an idea of starting something in my mind then it becomes a real focus


Used AscendedMogul and yes, definitely. I still use it today whenever I feel like I am in a rut


With the stack im using i feel like i should be doing something productive throghout the day. Procrastination is still somewhat of a issue.
I dont know if increasing loops will help or not.
All I’m using is total breakdown 85 percent of the day mogul and gm 15 percent of the day.
Very interesting


Are you listening 24 hours a day? Do you take any rest periods?


6 to 8 hours of rest each day. 2 to 3 hours because of gym and I like to take a break throughout the day so if I’m running khan st1 during the day and want to run mogul for a bit ill give my brain a 60 min to 90 minute break before I run mogul or godlike masculinity


Then I think the further you progress on this path the more you’ll develop a take action mentality. Stay the course my friend :slight_smile:


Ascended Mogul is amazing! Probably the easiest sub to run with the quickest results.

See the last entries in my journal Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never

I’ve returned to it and been running AM for 11 days now.


I def will i wont get to st3 total action until January until then im using mogul and gm to help me be a go getter. Though im using mogul very little and i plan to increase gm’s loops total breakdown is my main sublimnal until dec 5 or 6th


Will take a look now :slightly_smiling_face: also if ascended mogul is quick results i cant imagine if one were to just run ascension and mogul