This maybe sound crazy to most.. I need advice please


Hello everyone! first off I’d like to say how grateful I am to all of you who have been contributing in this! I was always curious to try but never actually got into it, but now its the time! I have lots and lots of free time to focus and evolve myself to the better :))

I would like tot ask if anyone knows how effective is this when English is not ones maternal language ? I mean I speak and understand to a very good level but still wondering if in the sub messages are unknown words the sub will potentially not work optimally right ? or maybe I’m just making this too complicated ( something I need to work on myself too )

My mentor who opened my eyes about all this had me try my first experiment with Emperor v3, playing through speakers during day and night which for some reason made me horny AF… I felt like 17 yo ( and my dreams were intense and revolving around sex from what I remember )… ( im 33 btw) which was not the kind of result I was hoping for, see all my life I made sex my god… every action and thought I was taking was revolving about having more and more sex with more and more women… orgies threesomes etc etc … lots and lots of women which never seemed to be enough , see I really believe in sexual freedom and spiritual freedom in general but lately the more I dove inside the psychedelic dimensions the more I was starting too loose my interest into the passions of the flesh or inflating my ego with just another crazy adventure … I did some crazy stuff playing with psylocibine , very very high dosages … to the point that made me wonder why was I so different than most of the people I know using this tools , I could nowadays take 15g dry and be grounded in my body just thinking deeply and becoming more and more aware and then Id see friends be shoot into space begging to bring them back with much much less, I’m telling you this so maybe somebody that has had similar experiences could give me an advice about how could I fit in this subs into progressing more into a more spiritual path , I dont want to focus on sex or status anymore in my life, I want to reach deeper into the other side… I feel my instincts calling me there if that makes any sense

Do you guys have any sub stuck to suggest that would help with this kind of thing?


Your subconscious remembers more words than your conscious does. On top of that, your mind can deduce the meaning of most words it does not understand as long as it understands the context from the rest of the sentence. Is it 100% accurate? Maybe not, but it will still work fine for you at 99%.

You should keep your eye on Alchemist.


Thank you for clearing this out for me , I can see your point

The Alchemist seems very very interesting indeed… I was thinking to maybe start with Elixir / regeneration/ beyond limitless/ limitless ( maybe Auras in between ) and maybe Sanguine? until Alchemist is out

do you think I can run all these together ?

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Elixir and Regeneration are powerful tools. I can only imaging how their effectiveness will be even MORE POWERFUL after they will be updated to New Dawn platform.


do you think I should wait to get the new versions?


If you think they can help you, no need to wait. The upgrade is free and there is no prediction when they’ll upgrade.


No, no need to wait - they are 100% effective in current technology. And yes - Dark is right - you will get free update when V2 will be released.


I’m working with Regeneration now, too, and would also like to see it updated to the most up to date tech


from experience its very effective although English is my second language i get a lot out of it . read my journal if you prefer you will read a point where i doubted the subliminal effectiveness due to language .