This journal of mine


male, 26 ,few friends, never had a gf, lots of issues
i previously had some good results with AM and got a promotion and now that work is good i want to focus on this part of my life: bitches
currently running a stack focused on women and being social:
1x daredevil
2x s&s
2x primal
1x aura
listening about 8…10h per day
i know the new hott thing to get women is ps iron throne but since i bought primal and ss it would feel like a waste of money to not use them. also im not rich. hopefully they get upgraded
thought i would start a journal here since i check the forum almost daily and it would be easier to track my progress(hope there will be…:slight_smile: )
started this stack on the 8th this month
noticed im more interested in online game im taking the steps to make a good profile

about it for now


I think its a decent stack however maybe you should remove daredevil as can make you too social , which is kinda what i found when i used it with other major programs ! Experiment and see what results you get .


Thx for the tip I’ll wait and see how it affects me


Forgot to say I’m also using the superchargers true social and libertine. sometimes I meditate most of the time I just listen while at work
Noticed that if I listen more than twice each in a session they make me extremely tired


i came to the conclusion that daredevil doesnt do much. im replacing it with AM
also aura makes me feel chilly like it uses all my energy and my body cant keep itself warm. took it out, now my stack is:
1x AM
2x s&s
2x primal
1x limit destroyer

been running this for a couple of days and it feels right. AM reduces the horniness??.. that i get from primal and ss, feels balanced