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This journal is now closed.


I Really like your story telling/emoji style

welcome!! Stark is a great program to do, sounds like your already experiencing some changes, and looking forward to hearing more.

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And that right there is the most powerful thing you can think as far as that goes.
Don’t worry about being quiet. If you work that right, you can draw a lot of girls by being silent and mysterious. Personally, I think Emperor May be a better fit than Stark for us strong silent types.

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Try to take action consciously and then the productivity script starts to kick-in, here at Subliminal Club none of the scripts ‘push’ you to take action.

But trust me, once you actually take action yourself you won’t be able to stop.

Welcome by the way!


Hopefully you will be a True Social king, that your ex girlfriend tries to get back with you and you tell her.

“Sorry, I’m going on a date tomorrow, let’s stay in touch…”

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Based on what you are saying I’d think True Social would be a great fit. Maybe easier when combined with Stark. Two major titles could be quite a lot (it was for me) if you started with subs just a week ago.

Libertine can also be a good option if you want to have the sexual/romance factor vs. just social engagement which Stark already has.

Definitely do one major program for at least 30 days.

That’s not a rule, just people tend to have the best results and base to further stack if they do that. You can’t really go wrong with it as well, and it will be clear what’s working and what’s still missing in a month.

Primal Seduction has great benefits for both love as social life, I’d honestly follow @Azriel recommendation to stick with Stark for at least a month straight.

If you decide to add anything after, I’d recommend asking @Simon for more information he has a lot of experience with Primal, Primal Seduction, Sex & Seduction & Daredevil – as well as all other programs but when going for the seduction subliminal’s I’m always following his advise.

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Hey Izzy! Uncanny similarities between your experiences and my own. I also had my partner of one year decide to essentially ghost me and break up on the 19th, I also bought StarkQ around that time as preparation for my custom sub for the same reasons. I also have the strong silent type thing, mainly because small talk seems pointless and also due to past upbringing and circumstances and a bunch of other excuses I could make like my undiagnosed Aspergers, also like you trying to go the self improvement route in that area because that’s what I do.

The Primal Seduction core is going to be within my custom subliminal and I totally get why you’re looking at adding that, as well as the desire to show former girlfriend it was a mistake to break up with someone of high value due to trivial reasons, by triumphing with results in a very public manner. Next thing you’ll be telling me you were born on the same day or something freaky like that! :wink:

It is difficult to accept a breakup when you are of high value in terms of internal character and what you bring to a relationship, the irrationality of other peoples behavior can really get you questioning the world. Stick with it, so far StarkT has been similarly addictive to me and I’m really enjoying the way it brings creative thinking to the fore.